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CTOVERDRIVE | Connor Turner Overdrive

The c.t. in c.t.overdrive stands for Connor Turner. This happens to be the name my lovely parents decided to bestow upon me.

I am a Web/UX/UI Designer, Front-End Developer, Political Campaign Consultant, Start-up Junkie and an online community organizer. I proudly run a swanky freelance web design studio called Armadillo Studios Inc (Please check out the Hire Me page for more professional information) and work for two local Calgary Start-ups. I also run the ever popular project, created and The Calgary Probono Lounge (coming soon). I've also lent my design and web skillz to such projects as 1CalgaryCentre, Grow Calgary, and a long list of other side projects.

I'm a die-hard Calgarian, a Luddite, and an Irish-English first generation Canadian. I now live in Ottawa Washington, D.C. returned to Calgary, while still keeping one foot loosely planted in Calgary. I am happily engaged married to a much smarter woman than I. She's a social media, resistance and communications Ph.D at Carelton University and together we make an embarrassingly adorable tech couple.

We also have a dog name The Right Honourable Mulroney. He's a Lakeland Terrier and he's bloody well adorable. And no he isn't named after Ben, he's named after Brian.

On the personality side, I am your atypical high fidelity music geek. I love campy movies, especially of the zombie variety. I’m obsessed with bold T-Shirt designs, comic book aesthetics and campy music from yester year. I have some other obsessions, but Astrid Kuhn and Tara McCool are not one of them. If you read a few the old posts you'll get the gist of it. My blog posts and tweets are now tending towards the wonderful world of technology, politics and open data, but on occasion I'll revert back to person thoughts or ramblings about pop culture.

Keep Calm & Carry On

Most of the comments I make are meant to be tongue in cheek and entertaining. In no way have I created this site to offend or hurt anyone in any matter, except Oiler fans. Actually you can add kids who wear skinny pants to that list. If you take anything I say seriously, we are probably not going to get along anyways, so just walk away from the computer. If you have taken exception to something I've written and you want me to hear you out just email me. ( cturner [at this] domain name )

What Does c.t.overdrive Mean?

Where does c.t.overdrive come from you ask?

Besides the obscure High Fidelity reference/Bachman Turner Overdrive (BTO) parody, CTO (Connor Turner Overdrive) was the name I used to give a night of hard drinking and tomfoolery. An evening of CTO was always, always accompanied by blackouts and regrets. Unfortunately my Doc’s advice has kyboshed this manner of lifestyle. So as homage to my enjoyable and humours past it is now the title of this lame garble of words and ideas.

P.S. The official writing of c.t.overdrive is in all lower case letters. I make this distinction, because It makes me feel pretentious.