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Sled Island 2009

Polaris Music Prize 2009 Tuesday July 21, 2009

If you’ve read this site for any time, you’ll understand that my disdain for the Polaris Music Prize has grown incrementally since it’s inspection in 2006. Let me explain.

Polaris Music Prize 2009

When, the award was first announced in 2006 it was a great news for the Canadian Music Lovers. What music fan couldn’t get excited about a Canadian version of the British Mercury Awards? But since then it’s turned into a shrill elitist driven contest that rewards the most obscure artists rather than the artists that probably deserve it a bit more.

Again, let me explain.

The past three winners have been Final Fantasy – He Poos Clouds, Patrick Wilson – Close To Paradise and Caribou – Andorra. Yes, you’re all probably going Who The F#$K. Which in hind sight isn’t really a bad crop of records, until you look at the list that they beat out. Which turns out to be an essential Who’s who of Indie Rock royalty – including The Arcade Fire, Holy F$%k, The Weakerthans, Feist, Joel Plasket, The Dears, The New Pornographers, Metric, Wolf Parade and Broken Social Scene.

Of the three previous winners, Mr. Potty’s on Weather Patterns is the only one to truly leverage his award into success as seen by his popular appearance at Sled Island this year. On the otherhand, I have to reiterate Mr. Rennie’s initial comment from two years ago – Who the Fuck is Patrick Wilson … And Caribou … well they’re still rocking on.

I’m not saying that this award should be given out to the most commercial of Canada’s Indie Artists, but you can’t ignore some of the great headway our artists are making.

I know someone is going to pipe up and say well this isn’t about popularity, it’s about the art and the music. On that point I’ll agree. But for three years now it appears to not be about the art and the music. Instead, it appears to be about showcasing the judging committee’s obscure knowledge of music and cherished elitism.

I just can’t imagine anyone honestly saying that, even with their soccer mum success, The Reminder or Neon Bible is not a better record than Patrick Wilson’s Close To Paradise. I can’t even fathom 185, so-called jurors, making that exact same statement. 10 maybe, 185 people agreeing on the same obscure artist? No way in hell.

Alright I’ll stop ranting about this award and make a prediction.

My heart wants to say Chad VanGaalen (which is the Best Neil Young record to come out since … well Neil Young). My long shot prediction would have to be Metric’s Fantasies (How Metric’s awesome Fantasies is even considered a long shot is beyond me).

But, unfortunately, my mind tells me it’s going to be Malajube for the French Canadian Contingency.

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c.t.overdrive's Sled Island Preview 2009 Tuesday June 23, 2009

Alright, with the soft launch of Sled Island 2009 tonight, it’s time for another edition of c.t.overdrive’s official preview of the Sled island festival.

Sled Island 2009 Preview

This is how it goes. I’ll point out a handful of bands that I think you should check out. They may not be bands that are on your radar, but they are definitely worth checking out and worth the time. So let’s get at it.

Biz Markie – Yes, I’m not entirely sure how they lured hip-hop legend Biz Markie to Sled Island, but I have a feeling the words ‘Flap Jacks’ and ‘Beef on a Bun’ were involved. Anyways, you can catch this larger than life personality on Friday at Olympic Plaza. It’ll be worth it just to hear Just a Friend live.

3rd Annual Poster Art Show – The Third Annual Gig Poster show opens tonight and runs the length of the festival at ArtLife. While there is no real musical component to it, there is going to be one helluva collection of local gig posters … great for decorating your man den.

Holy Fuck – Stupid controversy aside, HOLY FUCK are actually really, really, really good. I saw them open up for The Shout Out Out Out Outs! a few years ago and all I can say is wow. If you want to wear out the treads on your dancing shoes make sure you check them out all through the weekend.

Andrew W.K. – In 200X, I caught Andrew W.K. and Danko Jones as a double bill at the Back Alley… Without question, this was one of those seminal shows. One of the greatest shows I have ever seen in my life. Andrew’s onstage persona coupled with his ridiculously entertaining party anthems are something that every music fan should experience once in their life. Rumor is that customs haven’t officially allowed him across the border, but if he does make it to the Warehouse on Thursday night, you’ll be hearing about the gig for years to come.

Make sure you wear some seat approved clothes as you’re probably going to get doosed with MGD.

Puberty – Because this review doesn’t have a strong Calgary tinge, I though I would point you at Puberty which is an all girl punk trio garnishing a ton of excitement in the city. I honestly don’t know much about them, but their write up sounds spectacular.

Japandorids – If you haven’t noticed I kinda like the Japandroids. Their music is sandwiched somewhere between Despistado (which you’ve never heard of) and Death From Above 1979 (which you’ve heard on X92.9). They’re a two piece, which apparently is the hot new tend in music at the moment, but they are also deadly. They play a bunch of shows, including the Legion on Thursday night and Broken City on Friday night.

Japanther – Surprisingly enough, these are two separate bands. I asked on twitter a couple of weeks ago which of the hybrid half-Japanese bands were better and it seemed that a good portion were leaning Japanther’s way. If you want to see judge for your self check them out at the Marquee Room on Wednesday and the Legion on Thursday.

Monotonix – Sometimes words can’t describe awesomeness … So you have to revert to images … Monotonix will be the story of Sled Island. I will see you on Friday.

Last but not least there are handful of bands that you should check out … Including, Dragon Fli Empire, Hot Little Rocket and also the Von Zippers.

So there you go…enjoy the festivities.

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Random Thoughts For The 2009 Sled Island Launch Friday May 1, 2009

Great news for the Calgary music scene today, as the third version of the Sled Island Festival is launching it’s line-up today.

Sled Island 2009 is a coming...

And as always, the ol’ ctoverdrive will be providing it’s two cents with another Sled Island Preview before the festival kicks off. Which I will probably release the morning of June 24th.

(BTW a big congrats goes out to Zak for bringing another round of great music to the city)

Update: Here’s the Official Sneak Peak of the line-up: (via Consequences of Sound & SledIsland’s Official Page).

Advantage, Andrew W.K., Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir, Anvil, Battle Snakes, The Breeders, The Bronx, The Coathangers, The Cripple Creek Fairies, The Dead Science, The Dudes, The Evaporators, Flash Lightnin’, Githead, HEALTH, Hollerado, Holy Fuck, Hot Little Rocket, Japandroids, Jonathan Toubin, The King Khan & BBQ Show, Ladyhawk, Library Voices, Malajube, Monotonix, Mount Eerie, O’Death, Obits, The Pack A.D., Quintron & Miss Pussycat, The Rural Alberta Advantage, Slim Twig, The Sublinguals, Tricky Woo, The United Steel Workers of Montreal, The Whitsundays, Women, Woodhands

First – For SXSW attendees, here’s a link that explains the design for the SXSW grab bags that were given out this year.

For those of you who threw them out seconds after receiving them, this is what they looked like.

Second – It took me until last Monday to finally see this animated gem of a video for Kanye West’s Good Morning (via @afoster). Such a great little animated video, now if only he’d understand why Fishsticks are funny. (via. Jamie)

Fourth From an interesting and mesmerizing new art piece in New York honoring merchant mariners lost in World War II.

(P.S. Look at the link to see how it looks when the tide rises)

Fifth – Even though my precious flames were removed by the Blackhawks, at least there is some solid Flames news floating around in the Duubya-H-L. Mikael Backland of the Kelowna Cute Dragon Faces (errr….Rockets) is tearing up the playoff scoring race.

Sixth – I know, I KNOW! There seems to be a small glimmer of hope that it might happen; but for the love of god people the Winnipeg Jets are never coming back to Canada. Sorry, I hate to burst your bubble.

Seventh – This actually upsets me and I know it’s going to be out of the blue, but the fact that Jon and Kate are on the rocks is kinda depressing. I’m not going to lie, we’re notoriously guilty of watching this show on a weekly basis and marveling at their supposed rocksolid relationship. So seeing this is kinda depressing….Sorta the same sort of let down from finding out that Vince thinks Paris Hilton is a solid human being.

Eighth – No, like seriously people, give up the dream! The Coyotes are never coming back to Winnipeg!. Houston, Vegas and Kansas City are higher on the NHL’s priority list.

Ninth – And to finish off the week, has a new set of digi-pixel stickers for your enjoyment.

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