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Random Thoughts For A List of Epic Proportions Friday November 13, 2009

It’s Friday! And you know what that means…a list of epic proportions. I know that you’re going to be expecting something that refers to a new technology and a great Threadless T-shirt. But this is my blog right now, and with that comes my chance to share a few ditties of mine with you.

First – Glee. Have you seen it? Do you love it? You’re heart is dead and your mind is mush if you just answered no to those questions. Glee is adding a new surge of awesome to nighttime TV. It’s got nothing to do with reality, and nothing to do with high tech crime solving. Glee is pure, quick witted, musical genius and entertainment.

This line from last night is dedicated to Mr. Rennie: Maybe one day you’ll find a way to create a teaching moment without running my life.

Second – “!“ It’s fantastic. If you’re looking for something original, something handcrafted without the approval of the majority, then go shop Etsy. I will admit that at first glance, it will look like a hippy love in. Just trust. Spend some time, enter some search words and fall in love. HINT: It’s a great place to find the perfect Christmas gift for the perfect person in your life

Third – These guys make prison look like fun. I wonder what they would do with the uncoordinated inmates?

Fourth – Smut is fabulous. Celebrity Smut, even though none of us want to admit it, makes our day just a little better. There is just something about taking a few minutes out of your day to read about how the rich and the famous are falling from grace. Watching other people screw up makes us feel better about our lives. The best Smut Hound around is Lainey. Read her, love her, and thank me for it later!

Fifth – I’m outta here. Thanks for indulging me and pretending like you read the blog this week. I’ve loved every minute of it, and I am going to love every minute of my time back blogging about gluten. Please don’t take this the wrong way; I think you guys are awesome. I just love my people a little more. Thanks for the time.

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Lest We Forget Wednesday November 11, 2009

There is no doubt that Remembrance Day matters. We all wear our poppies and we all, in a way, understand the point. We need to remember those lost to war, those lost on our behalf.

What I’m beginning to doubt, however, is the effect this day has on the population at large. Am I calling you insensitive, or ignorant or less than informed? No. What I’m suggesting is that we are no longer unsettled by the images. Black and white photos are nostalgic, not painful. Aging men in uniform are regal, not broken. We remember because the wounds of the past should never be forgotten. We just need to take a step and remember that this is not a distant black and white photograph. We need to remember that although we morn the loss of soldiers from wars that happened decades ago, this time next year, we will also be morning the loss of soldiers that we may have walked by on the street yesterday.

You may have never met a solider, or his family. But let me tell you something about them. They are proud, they are strong and they are not boastful. They ask nothing of us and give us everything. Their body’s ache, their minds tire, their families go without, and all because they feel for you, what you may or may not feel for everyone else.

Lest We Forget

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Warm and Fuzzy's Monday November 9, 2009

Hello my new people. I know you thought this fantastic day would never come, but at last here it is – it’s GLUTASTIC WEEK! Or as I’d prefer to call it: The week the people ran from their computers because the crazy lady was ranting.

In all honesty, I’m very excited about the blog switcheroo. Am I a pop culture guru? No. Does the tech world interest me? No. And for that I am sorry, kind of. My goal with this week is not to compete with ctoverdrive’s uncanny ability to pick out random t-shirts and find the newest tech craze. My goal is to entertain you. And if that doesn’t happen, well maybe you’ll come out of this week with a new appreciation for the colour pink.

Confession Time:

I really wanted to start the week off with something that was all deep and insightful. I wanted to blow your socks off and make you love me. So I did what every deeply emotional and insightful person does when they want to tug on your heartstrings – I looked through Hallmark cards.

Here is the problem with that. I’m not exactly…that nice. Since the day I figured out sarcasm (I think I was about 2 years old) I have relied on it to convey my thoughts. It works for me. With that being said, here is what I really wanted to say:

I'm glad we share a sense of humor and an understanding that I'm slightly funnier

I’m glad we share a sense of humor and an understanding that I’m slightly funnier.

Move over Hallmark, there is a new Sheriff in Town and his name is Someecards, for when you care enough to hit send.

Seriously people, this site will change your life, and your relationships. Care enough and hit send.

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The Student Surpasses The Teacher Wednesday July 15, 2009

It’s official the student has surpassed the teacher…

Let me explain.

Glutastic vs. c.t.overdrive - Stuvent vs. Teacher

A year ago, my girlfriend (since then she’s been promoted to fiancée) launched a tiny little web site called

The idea was simple.

Create a little blog, so Caitlin could help spread all of the information she’s gathered from her struggle with Celiac Disease and the world of Gluten Free Diets. We wanted to help people and to shed some light on the subject. Because let me tell you, being told that you have to remove Gluten from one’s meal plan is a pain in the ass.

Anyways, Glutastic officially launched last September with a pretty solid release. Caitlin’s friends and family started eating it up. Being a web nerd and a bit of statistics junkie, I kept watch over the stats. It quickly became apparent that Glutastic wasn’t going to be just a typical blog.

At an alarming rate the Glutastic readership started growing. Crushing major milestones with ease. 200 readers a month, then 500 readers, and so on. Until last week the unthinkable happened and I was forced to conceded defeat to my adorable, yet viciously competitive fiancée.

The Student Had Surpassed the Teacher.

It was a similar moment, to how the grey-haired BeachHead gets p0wned by Jinx In the 1987 rendition of G.I.Joe The Movie. Last week Glutastic leap-frogged c.t.overdrive in readership with one single kick to the groin post.

A post on Gluten Free Stampede Breakfast (please note that it’s a singular reference to Gluten-Free Stampede Breakfasts), landed at the top of most Search Engines relating to the Stampede. Because of which, Glutastic catapulted past the old c.t.overdrive. More remarkably, this post has paced Glutastic to double the overdrive’s readership for the entire month of July.

Now, to be honest I’m sort of exaggerating the competitive nature of this unique blogging couples thing we’ve got going on. In actuality, I’m super proud of her work on Glutastic and what it’s provided for others. Watching her reassure distressed readers and bumping into people who love her blog, has been far more rewarding than any set of Google Analytics could.

But the statistics do reveal some interesting concepts.

Personal Blogs vs. Community or Health Driven Blogging

First and foremost, don’t date a woman who blogs.

I’m kidding

In actuality, the major defining difference between the random insanity of the c.t.overdrive (a personal blog) and the direct nature of Glutastic, is the online community that’s been built.

Where I tend to write to an over-saturated audience of 20-40 year olds interested in music, t-shirts, ex-Calgary news anchors and Twitter. Caitlin writes directly to an undeserved audience – people battling with Celiac disease in Calgary. It’s because of this tone and direction that a cool little community has evolved around the Glutastic blog. Which in turn is why the site has become so successful in a short amount of time.

Upon visits to Glutastic you’ll notice that most posts are populated with 5-7 comments from a variety of casual and consistent readers. Discussion can be light-hearted or pretty passionate – depending on her level of sarcasm. It’s great to see and in conjunction with another popular blog, The Celiac Husband, it’s evidence that a small online community of Celiacs is bonding together. Which in turn was the whole purpose of the site.

One of the other major differences, is that Glutastic’s Celiac community is a group of incredibly loyal and engaged readers. People who literally survive off on word of mouth recommendations. We’ve run into people in the real world, who upon learning about her condition, have suggested we check out a site called Glutastic. Which always brings out a bit of a chuckle. But it is this sort of nature that allows Glutastic (and as a whole Health Blogs) the ability to really thrive. Where in comparison a Personal Blog without a specific audience, like the old c.t.overdrive, tends to plateau in readership.

The Student Surpasses The Teacher

Anyways, there’s far more technical stuff that I could dive into (stuff like bounce rates, popular posts, RSS feed loyalty, etc.), but the impressive nature in which Glutastic is able to captivate and cultivate readers is very interesting to watch. And to pull on my worn old heart strings, it also makes me very, very proud. awwwww

Plus it also means I get to scream I taught her how to Tweet at passers by.

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