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Random Thoughts For The Big Caption Thursday May 27, 2010

I’ve linked to Boston’s Big Picture feature a couple of times in the past, but for those not familiar, The Big Picture is an amazing collection of large and stunning photos right from ground zero of some of the world’s most talked about events. For anyone remotely interested in current events, you probably should know about it… and if you don’t I strongly suggest submersing yourself in their archives for the rest of the day.

But better yet, is a new design/humour site called The Big Caption which takes images from the The Big Picture and overlays them witty typography hilarity…

Like this one.

Yes. Yes. That is Epic.

First – Kudos to Shia Lebeouf for admitting that both Indiana Jones 4 & Transformers 2 were awful.

I know in this day and age it’s not kosher for people to go around slamming projects that they’ve worked on, but you know what … it’s kind of refreshing. I know I’ve worked on projects in the past that I wasn’t proud of, which also means that I know how difficult it is to admit that publicly. (via. tiptaptip)

SecondThe most brilliant way to get an Advertising Job…ever (via. alfgoetz) … Too bad this technique will never work again.

Third – For those of you new to the World of International Soccer, here’s an amazing article which links current World Cup power houses with their American Sporting Team Counterparts. I couldn’t have put it better, England is definitely the New York Jets of international football. (via. lbourgon)

Fourth – A women is suing Rogers for causing the end of her marriage, by revealing a secret affair she was having with another man through her cell phone bill.

The unfortunate thing is that she’ll probably win the case.

Fifth – The schedule for Sled Island 4.0 is set for June 29-July 4th… Sure it’s the Canada Long Weekend, but look at this line-up of indie heavy weights... Try and tell me you’re not salivating at that line-up.

SixthYoga Fire!!!!

Seventh –’s A Brief History of The World.

A Brief History of the World - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Eighth – A couple of weeks ago, Duncan Kinney blogged about the new Facebook/Mr.Mann campaign from BullFrog Energy. If you read on, you’ll notice some of my comments from a Gchat interview we did about the campaign.

Ninth – Remember last week when Google switched it’s logo to an interactive Pac-Man game? Well, someone did an estimate of the amount of time lost to that switch.

Up next, an article detailing the amount of productivity lost from people reading/retweeting/linking to the article detailing the amount of productivity lost to the Google Pac-Man game.

TenthWhat The Disney Princesses are teaching young girls. (via. Mr. Rennie and Good old BoingBoing)

Eleventh – …

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Random Thoughts For Post Number 800! Friday January 29, 2010

So as c.t.overdrive enters it’s 5th year of existence, it’s time to celebrate the 800th post on this crappy little blog.

Yes, the old c.t.overdrive is at big 800, which is twice as large 400. See kids, that’s the sort of Math you learn after 6 years of university.

Anyways, like I’ve said before thanks for sticking around and I hope you enjoy the ride.

First – Interesting news from the world of Photography, an award-winning photo dubbed the lone wolf was recently revealed to be a fake (via. russic)

…. Ah … so many jokes lone wolf jokes … so little time.

Second – Have you seen Sherlock Holmes yet? If you have you probably remember the stunning Opening and Closing credits? (I haven’t seen it, so I’m not sure how stunning they really are) Anyways, are you interested in how they were made?

Well … There’s an article for that

Third – The Fantastic Four issue #26 parlayed into Donkey Kong For the Nintendo.

Fourth – There is so much wrong with this. The Las Vegas Wranglers of the ECHL are having a Girl Scout Night to celebrate, what else but girl scouts. This is only creepy, because this is the same team that had a +21 night and also has Prison Night in honour of corrupt Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich. (via. j3r3mjf).

Nice unis guys. Nice unis.

FifthThese are the companies in your neighbourhood

No feature this week, but I will let you all in on a secret. iPhone users and iPod Touch users take note!

Sixth – In a long list of nightclubs in the city that have died a quiet death, the Warehouse and Underground are no more. My memories are fuzzy, but the Wizard Beer Tap at the Underground still sends shivers down my spine.

Seventh – An amazing article by Wired on the affect (or is effect) of the Madden Football Franchise on this generation of pro football players.

Eighth –, finally unleashed a redesign of their web site. Which sorta, almost makes me want to buy shoes. P.S. Please don’t tell my wife about this redesign.

Ninth – c.t.o’douls and wintr at last nights yyc4Haiti event at Flames Central. (For those curious it was a fantastic tweet-up).

Tenth – Last, but not least.

I’ve started reading Julien Smith’s blog, since his talk at Calgary’s Third Tuesday meet-up. Julien is writing some brilliant stuff about media and human relationships. His book Trust Agents is a definite pick-up for those interested in this stuff. One of his latest posts Why Twitter was Inevitable is a great look at the basic concept of the network.

Well worth the read if you’ve got a moment.

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Random Thoughts For A Miss-published Random Thoughts Monday January 4, 2010

So some how in the lame chaos that was Dec 30th & 31st, I seemed to forget how to use the publish button on Textpattern. Because of which, my final list of random thoughts for 2009 didn’t make it to the Internet. But fear not, because my stupidity is now your gain… well sort of… everyone gets an early Random Thoughts.

First – Great news in the world of Social Media and iPhone apps, Hootsuite has upgrade their iPhone App to allow first generation iPod Touch compatibility.

Signal the chorus of Hurrahs you hear, is from all first generation Touch owners.

Second – From what has to be is the single best Hockey-humour blog in the entire world comes Down Goes Brown’s post on the history of NHL Players vs. Cars.

The victim: Kyle Okposo
The incident: Filed police report after being run over by speeding oil tanker. The charges were withdrawn after a review of the video determined it was actually just Dion Phaneuf.

Third – Paste Magazine lists the Top 50 Movies of the past decade. Surprisingly, neither Reign of Fire or League of Extraordinary Gentlemen were included on this list.

Fourth – Ah yeah, that’s right more lists … But at least this one is from the L.A. Times – The Top Ten Social Media Moments of 2009.

FifthThese are the companies in your neighborhood.

This is less of a feature on a company and more of just a great article. Which ultimately does a better job featuring some of the companies in Alberta than I could have. It’s DuncanKinney’s The Quest for the Killer App? article from this month’s Alberta Venture magazine. It’s a great read and features some of the companies and events I’ve been talking about on c.t.overdrive.

Sixth – Just ignore the NSFW link title of this article. But check out the article on TechCrunch about the web site DeviantArt’s 100 Millionth piece of work, (which is a NSFW piece) and you’ll see a hand drawing of a freaking Arctic UNICORN. Just don’t open it at work or where they track link titles.

But seriously, a freaking ARCTIC UNICORN

SeventhThe Onion takes on Alexander Ovechkin

Hmmm…. I had no idea he hawks around Washington like Batman. I’ll have to keep my eye out for that one.

Eighth – From the Herald, it’s a look at the booming creative class in Calgary. (via. Creative Class guru Richard Florida & DJ Kelly)

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Random Thoughts For A Switcharoo Friday November 6, 2009

So next week, we’ve decided to do a bit of an experiment. A little bloggy, blog switcharoo.

My fiancee and myself have decided to guest blog on each other’s web site for the week. Yes, I’ll be writing on Glutastic and Caitlin will be taking the reigns of the old c.t.overdrive, granting her the distinguished honor of becoming the first person to ever guest blog on the site in it’s four years of existence.

The idea is to a) expose people to different content and b) try and get out of our typical blogging routines. So if things seem a little different on Monday, don’t worry, you’ll survive.

First – Hey-ho! It looks like the NHL is finally the first in something… and I don’t mean in line for the H1N1 shot (don’t even get me started on how ridiculous this controversy is).

But in all seriousness, the NHL is the first Sport League to embrace Twitter Lists for thier fans.

Second – In conjunction with the release of Raditude, Weezer has released customized Snuggies. Which will ironically come in handy as you cry your self to sleep with the realization that one of you beloved adolescent idols has officially lost his touch.

Third – Some Type fiend is going to lose their shit because of this … Helvetica in Comic Sans – (via DarcyBross)

Fourth – Another killer T-shirt From Threadless, make sure you click on the link and zoom in on the actual shirt. Pure Genius!

They're Real - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

FifthThese are the companies in your neighbourhood.

I’ve been spending a lot of time at recently and although it is not a Calgary based company, it really is turning out to be an amazing online space for retailers. Especially for retailers looking to reach out to a larger market. I bring this up, because I’ve recently made purchases with two awesome Calgary retailers Broken English Leather and Falice Emo (who no longer seems to be selling work at the moment). These are retailers in my own city, that I would never have come across if it wasn’t for Etsy and for that I’m thankful. So, if you’re bored and looking for something to do this afternoon, you might want to see what other Calgary based Entrepreneurs are on the site and see what you find.

Sixth – I think I might just join this solely to volley clutter back at everyone who plays Farmville and MafiaWars on Facebook … But either way, EA has released a Facebook version of their popular SPORES game. Create a monster, tell it how to eat and the take over an island … Now isn’t that genius.

Seventh – I know I’m talking about hockey a lot this week, but somethings are too golden not to link to. Like for examples an introduction sequence, involving a Coca-Cola Polar Bear, rocket packs and the Destruction of a motha f$%%king planet … All to the tune of Kenny Logins. (via cpuck)

Eighth – And since I’m still ranting about Farmville and MafiaWars, here’s an interesting little article on the big money making machines that they are. In addition. It also brings to light of the accusations of ‘Scamville’ that are being levied at both Farmville & MafiaWars.

Ninth – I can’t get enough of the pixelated eBoy web site. This one is for Mr. Miller

TenthAdded Bonus And here’s one more reason why James Franco (The single greatest actor to take on James Dean) is a God. He’s now doing a two week stint on Legendary Day-time soap General Hospital for shits and giggles.

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Leave Your Job. Start An Agency. Wednesday August 19, 2009

So again, for what is probably the 30th time on this web site I have to apologize. I have been one hell of a bad blogger.

In case you were wondering rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated… again.

So if you’re wondering what has been up, well besides saving cash, spamming facebook and getting into hillbilly trouble on the old man river damn, here’s a run down on the outside work going on in the world of c.t.overdrive… It’s essentially my list of excuses.

1) Leave Your Job. Start An Agency – A couple of months ago, Alex of Bitfyre fame sent some of the SXSW posse an email regarding potentially submitting a panel for SXSW 2010. One thing led to another and here we are pimping out panel Leave Your Job. Start An Agency

We’re hoping that we’ll be able to sneak in there and provide a more down-to-earth advice on how to start an agency, from four unique perspectives. We know not every agency is going to be Courdal and not every freelancer is going to turn in to a Jeffery Zeldman*, so we hope that people latch on to our more down-to-earth spin on the process and give us a thumbs up. If anything, it’ll be entertaining.

If you do have a moment please log on and give our panel a vote!

2) yycPHOTOBOOK – yes, the yycPhotobook project is in full swing with the final draft of the book only a couple of days away. Some may have recieved a slew of emails and posts about it on facebook, but the launch is schedule for Sept 18th, 2009. The procceds of the sale and the launch party will go towards Brown Bag It, a local non-profit that helps provide lunches for kids. If you’re intrested in attending hit up the yycPhotobook Facebook Page for more details.

3) A Certain Wedding Web Site – Yes, it’s coming and hopefully, with fingers crossed, it will become the proto-type for a new Armadillo venture into customized wedding web sites with a social media tinge. All I’ve got to do is build a name, a brand and a web site…

4) Other Armadillo Stuff – Besides, the usual stream of web sites, I’ve also been asked to help build an online community for a local organization in the city. It’s been a great project and the responce on my involvement has been extremly positive. Thank you to the group of people who gave me a hand in getting it up and running, you guys are awesome.

5) The ctoverdrive Book Club – Yes, I know I’ve neglected it, but it is still in the works. So for the four people, who read that post, expect to see #4 and #3 in the near future.

… So that’s a bit of an update. I do promise to get back on top of things once the Calendar turns to September… and the wedding plans pish in to overdrive.

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