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The Future

It's Over... Tuesday November 4, 2008

… And with that we got to watch history unfold today!

Congratulations President Obama!

(P.S. I have to say that the McCain of 2000, finally showed up at his concessions speech. A Very respectable speech)

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4month-iversary Tuesday October 9, 2007

It’s funny how things can change. In particular, it’s funny how things can change in a year or better yet in four months.

For the past year I’ve been relying heavily on anniversaries and milestones for a variety reasons. Some to track the growth of the corporation and others to chart the immense amount of personal and professional change over a period of time. Some just for shits and giggles.

Warning! Sappiness ahead

The past four months have been incredibly intense, amazing and perfectly surprising. It’s not that it’s remarkable for a relationship to last four months, because to be honest that one of the easiest things to achieve. We’ve both tongue and cheekily joked about the 4month-ivesary, just because of how unsubstantial that date is suppose to be. But I’m learning that common time lines just don’t seem to apply anymore. What makes this so remarkable is that something so natural and something that appears to be going for so long, is only four months old…

Which in turn makes the future that much more exciting and brilliant.

Anyways, happy 4month-iversary Cait.

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Three Weeks Tuesday July 10, 2007

Under the grey hairs and clumsy demeanor, I’m actually a pretty calculating and planning person. Usually when I’m preparing for some sort of trip or even a substantial event, I have everything organized and planned to a T weeks in advance. I’m neurotic that way – it’s an uncomfortable trait.

That’s why this image and the past few months have been so mildly amusing.

Because with my departure date hitting the three week glass ceiling, I still haven’t organized/planned shit. (But I have had dreams about the beaches of Nice) That’s right. Nothing. Thus making the fact I received a I’m Connor…I’m fahk’d pub crawl shirt this weekend that much more fitting.

What I’m going to find more entertaining is when my head explodes. People will be like…

Douche 1: Hey what happened to that Connor fella. Wasn’t he suppose to go to Ireland?
Douche 2: Nah man. He never made it. He didn’t sleep for a couple of weeks beforehand and his head actually exploded a week before he left. Sort of like that scene from Scanners.
Douche 1: Seriously…Like Scanners?
Douche 2: Yup, just like scanners… Want to go split a Tacoquito.

Anyways, it’s going to be an entertaining & busy couple of weeks. Hopefully people will now be able to understand why Douche Fest was planned for a month ago.

P.S. I’m throwing this out there but if I personally don’t get a chance to see/talk to everyone before I leave – Please do not take it personally. Time is my big enemy at the moment.

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bttls Saturday April 28, 2007

May 22nd, 2007Mirrored

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Empower Sunday March 18, 2007

Lost in the shuffle of a sad and heartbreaking coffee and a three day St. Patrick’s day/D.A. bender, the corporation reached it’s first major milestone this weekend.

Empower Entertainment

Empower was launched sometime between Friday evening and Saturday morning, The actual events are fairly blurry, but I’m sure it went live about that time. With it the corporation has released it’s first commercial website into the real world. You could say it’s Armadillo’s flagship website (Sorry Nathan) and I’m fairly happy with the outcome. It’s far different website than similar Corporate Entertainer sites and it really matches the concept the client was aiming for.

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