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Random Thoughts For Will it Blend? Friday January 11, 2008

The term WILL IT BLEND? is heard pretty much every single time someone turns one of our shoddy blenders little blenders on. You see our apartment sorta has this thing…

It’s sorta the place where blenders go to die.

Because of that I thought it would be funny to repost the Will it Blend website. (Quite possibly the most ingenious way to promote a blender)


First – Well it’s a first one in a long time. My review of Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool is now up on The Machine.

Second – … grrrrr …. (via.

Third – George and Raine Maida … Heterosexual man crush alert.

Fourth – Ooo a Hamock made of black cotton and coyote fur ... Kanye! You crazy!

Fifth – The 12hour Glowstick latern! WILL IT BLEND!

Sixth – Blogger 1 – Ed Stelmach 0. How was this guy elected the head of the provincial government without owning the rights to his own name? Isn’t that the first step in the political process nowadays? Ensure that you own all the rights to your domain names?

Seventh – Radiohead to tour! Surprise no Calgary stop!

Eighth – Logo trends for 2008.

If you’re thinking of a new logo for your company or shitty web site, here’s a good place to look. I’m an unadulterated sucker for the psudeo-crest.

Nine – From the Twitter box, an interview with J.J.Abrams (Lost, Alias, Cloverfield) where he talks about his inspiration.

Tenth – From the Hoodinternet’s best of 2007 special, it’s drop the icebox pressure.

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Above Water Wednesday October 24, 2007

With November rolling around, I finally feel that I’m getting my head above water … well so to speak.

Between trying to combine the personal items of two people in to a mid-size Kensington Apartment, rebuilding and updating the Corporations Identity, launching a new project, developing two additional blogs and fixing issue I meant to fix in Ireland; it finally feels like I’m making some dents in my never ending to-do lists.

Anyways, more corporation news should be coming soon, including my last ever post related to the corporation on c.t.overdrive. (I’m launching a corporate blog shortly)

In the meantime enjoy a large German kid (possibly filled with chocolate) beat boxing. (Thanks D.C.)

Now If that kid could only drop If your Mother Only Knew – like Razhel then he’d be off the hook.

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The Rooster Tuesday August 7, 2007

Due to my lack of internet connectivity, i’m been forced to do something completely out of my comfort zone – read a book.

I know it’s a phenominum that’s scaring the shit out of me, it’s sorta like if the Leafs won the Stanely Cup or someone chased all the rats out of Edmonton. The book that has started such an a amzing revelation is Chuck Klosterman’s amazing Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs. In one section of the book he jots down the Twenty-Two questions he uses to determine a suitable lover. For some reason Question Five has been bugging me.

5. You meet your soul mate. However there is a catch: Every three years, someone will break both of your soul mate’s collarbones with a Crescent wrench, and there is only one way you can stop this from happening: You must swallow a pill that will make every song you hear – for the rest fo your life – sound as if it’s being performed by the band Alice in Chains. When you hear CCR on radio, it will sound (to your ears) like it’s being played by Alice in Chains. If you see Radiohead live, every one of their tunes will sound like it’s being covered by AiC.When you hear a commercial jingle on T.v. it will sound like Alice in Chains. If you sing in the shower it will sound like deceased Alice vocalist Layne Staley performing acapella (but it will only sound this way to you).
Do you swallow the pill

Before you answer this question, download The Rooster by AiC. Now think of your favorite song in the entire world and put Layne’s voice over top of it.

Now do you swallow the pill?

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Best Story Ever Monday April 16, 2007

The Hour has a pretty funny segment called Best Story Ever! They take random celebrities and ask them their funniest/best story. A couple of the stories are somewhat lame, but most are priceless. Lewis Black’s, Kenny’s from Kenny & Spenny and even Andy Strummer’s story are good for a nice chuckle. You’ll have to use the search feature to find some of them.

But by far the most entertaining story has to be Canadian/British Comic Phil Nichol’s. I don’t know whether it is the Norwegian Trip-hop, Peeing into a gay man’s Snorkel or his energetic delivery, but it’s absolutely priceless. The Hour doesn’t have this on Gootube or a specific way to embed the file so you have to go to this link here.

Be forewarned there’s isn’t a single second of this that is safe for work.

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Without A Cause Wednesday April 11, 2007

I passed out for one of those all enticing couch naps, last night while watching Rebel without a Cause. I haven’t seen rebel since Gerry and I used to watch old classics as a teenager. Anyways, somewhere after Plato caps one of the other punk skids, I fell a sleep … When I awoke, James Dean had been replaced by a blond haired Bruce Willis in The Fifth Element. I’m still trying to figure out who was the genius behind that little bit of scheduling, but it’s probably the most satisfying unconscious three hours of television I’ve experienced in ages.

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