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Polaris Music Prize 2010 Tuesday September 21, 2010

Ahh the Polaris Music Prize let me count the ways you’ve driven me nuts.

Well this years winner, from a field which included Teagan & Sara, Broken Social Scene and Caribou, is…

Karkwa For Les Chemins De Verre


Did you honestly think that the obvious choice would be the winner? It is the Polaris Music Prize after all . But instead of going into my usual rant, I am actually going to praise the Polaris Music Prize.

Or rlyRly.

See, I’m not surprised that a Francophone record finally won. There have been a few strong Francophone records on the shortlist in the past and it was only a matter of time. So essentially, they were due. Plus, Radio Radio’s francophone rap record is pretty decent, in the same way that some of the original Len record was kinda killer for a couple of moments.

But one of the things the Polaris Music Prize is really good at is handing out exposure. We all know that Metric, Kaa’an, Hey Rosetta, Japandroids, K-OS, and Chad Vangaalen all received a strong popularity boost for losing the Polaris Music Prize. Since everyone knows that the best artists aren’t the ones that win. Most real fans of music will go to the site and go who the fuck, there’s got to be someone better and upon further inspection will find a record that knocks their socks off.

So to the Polaris Music Prize, thank you for having Shad on this year’s short list, because he’s now invigorated my music shopping habits.

Shad – We, Myself and I by The Mad Bloggers

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Random Thoughts For A Happy Canada Day. Friday July 2, 2010

Happy Canada Day kiddies… From your favorite Canadian Bloggers down south.

First This is a great article on the downfall of Las Vegas’ economy. Over the past five to six years, Las Vegas has been universally seen as one of the Golden boys of economic growth in America, but once the recession hit … all hell broke lose in Sin City.

Second – A neat little article from the Calgary Herald on the Web Sites of the mayoral and alderman candidates for this year’s civic elections in October.

Third – I won’t dwell on this, but at least our coach doesn’t eat his own… Well you’ll see.

Fourth25 Star Wars – De-motivational Posters... Luke Skywalker incest jokes + Motivational Posters = Win.

Fifth – To good to pass up.

Sixth – If the last video was too good to pass up, then this one is GUARANTEED FRESH!.

Spock, Kirk and the rest of the Red Shirts vs. Ke$ha.

Seventh – Holy F&ck vs. Robin Smith. Via the HoodInternet

The Hood Internet – Show Me Red Lights (Robin S. x Holy Fuck) by hoodinternet

Eighth – Even though it’s in Helevetica, I solely approve of this T-Shirt.

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This Could Have Gone Really Wrong... But This Kid Is Killing It Wednesday February 24, 2010

So this will explain how nutbar the past couple of weeks have been. Anyways, I meant to post this after the Opening ceremonies last week, but it slipped my mind. So here we go.

I am not one that enjoys opening ceremonies. In my entire life, I may have sat through two possible, three opening ceremonies. So I was kinda shocked to find myself glued to the Vancouver 2010 opening ceremonies. For as much as I’m not a huge fan of Vancouver, I’ll take my prairie blue skies over the coast any day, I found the opening ceremonies captivating. They were really well done and personally, I think they were a huge moment for this country.

But one of the moments that will stick out in my memory is the one of Shane Koyczan dropping his poem We Are More. First off, I’m not a hugely patriotic Canadian, I tend to lean towards Calgary as a city and my Irish/English roots over my connection to this vast country. Secondly, I’ve seen my fair share of Slam Poetry in my live and well… Let me put it this way, it can typically go one of two ways. It can be really good, like Saul Williams or it can go horribly horribly wrong. It can be so bad that you want leave the room and duck your head under the covers because it goes that bad. So when they announced on CTV that a Slam Poet from the Yukon I almost cried. Nothing in the world could take those ceremonies from spectacular to cheesy like really bad slam poetry.

But to Shane’s credit. He not only nailed it, but he fucking killed it. Truly. It was an amazing moment and one that I oddly feel patriotic to be associated with. So for those who missed it here’s his original rendition of We Are More.

Oh Canada is right. Well done Vancouver.

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No, I’m not sending you to some second rate Canadian Adult site, instead I’m linking you to a Twitter feed of reactions to all the madness that’s happening in Canada at the moment.

Yes, is a real-time twitter recap of our fine citizenry’s reaction to governmental fist-a-cuffs that are consuming our nation. (thanks to rhettsovern for the link)

So click on the link, make some popcorn and watch the sparks fly!

… And while I’ve got your attention, I just want to point out two things.

DON’T WORRY – I’m not going to impose my political views on this situation on anyone. These are just general observations.

1) The true beauty of the Internet and its ability to spread unfiltered information, resources and opinions to the masses, is thoroughly awe-inspiring at a time like this. Within a matter of hours of the news breaking, we’ve seen dozens of web sites popping up on mass for both sides of the argument. While points, counter-points, and counter-counter-points on the subject are available for everyone to find and formulate their opinion.

It’s moments like this where you realize how truly powerful this mechanism is.

2) I hope the one real positive that will come out of all this chaos, will be a greater sense of involvement and interest in our Governmental affairs from a very apathetic nation.

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A Dragon's Den Month of Free Stuff Monday December 1, 2008

Along my way to enjoy the political carnage that is evolving on the comments section boards, I stumbled upon an odd little offer from that odd little entrepreneurial show the Dragon’s Den.

Apparently, December is free Dragon’s Den product month and the CBC is giving away products from the Dragon’s Den, included in which are these gems…

Yes, the Canada Cap!

Pitched as the Canadian equivalent to the Mexican Sombrero, the Canada cap is designed to instill that patriotic sense of Canadiana in all of us.

You know what, given the way our political landscape is surgically splicing the country into three rebellious regions, maybe we could all use a little Canada Cap to unite us again.

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