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Mermaids Tuesday April 4, 2006

Two posts in a day! What’s the occasion? Anyways…

First – Has anyone else in Calgary noticed the increased Police presence in the Downtown Core? At lunch I went for a walk today down Stephen Avenue and passed by 11 Policemen. Largely in groups of three or four. But this isn’t the first afternoon I’ve noticed this. It happened last Friday. In addition, I’ve noticed four cops patrolling the crack C-train station (7th street West, by the McDonalds) this Morning. Has anyone else noticed this? Does anyone understand the rhyme and/or the reason for this insurgence of our cities finest?

Second – Threadless released another great T-shirt…

Threadless T-Shirt

I can’t decide if I want this or not. It’s really funny because it reminds me of the Futuarama where they go to the Lost City of Atlanta. Fry tries to sleep with a stunning southern Mermaid (or a BTM) and ends up running out of the House screaming – Why couldn’t you have the Fish Parts on the top and the girly parts on the bottom!! That episode always makes me laugh. But it is still a pretty graphic shirt. But then on the other side the chef’s elbows are hilarious.

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Remembering George Wednesday March 22, 2006

First – So this morning I was up at the ungodly hour of 4:50 getting ready to help out at the seed. At that time of the day there is nothing on peasant vision but static and infomercials. On CityTv there was this hideously pale man promoting the Dual-Action-Cleanse. I’m sorry, but if you are up at 4:00am and you are seriously contemplating purchasing a cleansing diet pawned by Golem from LOTR – you’ve got more serious things to deal with. Second how does a cleansing diet (essentially consuming nothing but water and leafy greens for a couple days) work in a DUAL ACTION format. I thought Dual Action was strictly for toilets or G.I.Joe action figures. Does this dual action cleanse fire bazooka rounds or karate chop your digestive tract? Please say it does.

Second – The international Airport in Belfast is to be renamed after the great George Best on May 22nd. Growing up there were three pillars of Britain’s football glory years: The brothers Charlton – Jackie and Bobbie and the great George Best. As a kid it was imbedded that Bobby led England to the world cup, Jackie brought the long ball to the Irish national team and George was famously good – but led a life of great quotes, loose booze and fast women. (Or was it the other way around)

When a reporter asked George why he was coming to play football in Canada. George looked him in the eye and said “I saw a big sign on the side of a building which said ‘DRINK CANADA DRY.’ So I thought it was a good challenge!” (More quotes from the legend)

Either way George was and still is the greatest. During the week I spent in Belfast I understood how much he meant to the city. On occasion I wear a shirt I purchased from a skate shop there. When I wear it people are always confused why Che has a huge beard and stupid grin. Well it’s because it’s not Che, its BEST.
Che Best

Third – In the one month this site has been up, I’ve talked about digestive tracts twice. I apologize.

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SXSW: Update - Baggage Saturday March 11, 2006

My luggage finally arrived last night. It stumbled in the door at 2:00 am. It was all deshelved and reaked of some horrible combination of Jack Daniels and a cheap channel handbag.

Ian arrived a couple hours earlier. He was far less desheveled. I am now rejoicing at the reassurance of having an ally in Austin.

The weathernetwork is calling for a high of 30 degrees.

P.s. Words of Wisdom for the day
_From a GIANT article on the show Scrubs:
In an episode chock-full of “lessons,” Heather Graham guest stars as the overly perky Dr. Clock, whose beiliefs rub Dr. Cox the wrong way. This line alone, from Dr.Cox is enough to land this episode on our list: “Lady, people aren’t choclates. D’you know what they are mostly? Bastards. Choclate-coated Bastards with bastard filing. But i don’t find them half as annoying as i find naive, bobble-headed optimists who walk around vomiting sunshine.”_

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The Dork Tuesday March 7, 2006

The Dork

The Dork is my watch. It sings like James Brown. Every drunk person loves the talking button. It is always a hit at parties. The Dork is now on its 13th watch batteries in two years. It died yet again!

It’s kind of a love hate realtionship. But these drawings are pretty cool

This is honestly one of the lamest posts ever! If you have some how stumbled across this post, please ignore it. I’m not going to delete it, but please read another post.

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Cybershot DSC-40 Sunday February 26, 2006

So on a whim, I went out and spent money I don’t have on a spiffy digital camera. I went to the local Best Buy and picked myself up a new Sony Cybershot DSC-40.

Is this post worth? Not really.

But with this piece of digital sorcery, I can now add a new dimension of visualization to my words. It even gives me a reason to set up a flickr site. Even better I can now capture those precious moments when I realize how fucking stupid I am. Case in Point; Three weeks ago I could have photographed the precise moment when I realize I’d driven Gerry’s truck into a 3 ft snowdrift somewhere north of Libby, Montana.

So here is my new toy and my attempts at enshrining my vanity.

Self-Portrait 6

Yes, that is my bathroom and my dirty bathroom mirror. Yes, my skid marked boxers are hanging on the back of the door.

Self-Portrait 2

I find it funny that every attempt I’ve ever made at a photographic self-portrait always starts out with the intensions of being all artistic and introspective, but quickly degenerates into immature potty-mouth stupidity. I’d love to say I’ve grown more mature than that, but it took less than 7 shots before I began flipping myself the bird.

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