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AstroBoy Mullet Saturday May 27, 2006

I know this is a fairly vain comment, but I firmly believe people should be incarcerated for trucking around a mullet. Come on they are the laughing stock of society and nobody actually thinks a mullet is attractive.

But here is a hidden secret on occasion my hair decides it’s time to wear a mullet. See it’s not my fault! My hair is its own beast and grows like a weed. It has its own personal timeline where I have to get a haircut or it takes revenge on my daily appearance. That interval is 3.5 weeks and its been four weeks between haircuts. On Friday, I left the house with, what I have copyrighted as the AstroBoy Mullet.

The AstroBoy Mullet

The AstroBoy Mullet consists of two Jerry curls; one at the front of the head and a one at the tail section. It’s like a robot party in the front and the back. You’ll also notice the erriy resemblance to AstroBoy, with the ridiculously large Eyes and large eyebrows. All I’m misssing is the mechancial scars.

Also as promised here is the Hell’s Kitchen Killer Burger Recipe.

  • 1 lb Ground sirlon
  • 1 onion minced to perfection
  • 1 tbs ketchup
  • 1 tbs sun dried tomatoes cut thinly
  • 1/2 cut garlic
  • 1/2 tsp Worcester Sauce
  • 1/2 tsp Tabasco
  • 1/2 tsp Honey Mustard

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Random Thoughts for a Fake Plastic Friday Friday May 12, 2006

Today I’m off to an Industry Conference at the ol’ Corral. This event is a little more low key and directed towards personal networking. Since it is pretty obvious my furture has no real direction in the industry, the confrence is the perfect excuse to get out of the office. Maybe learn some new aspects of the energy industry, but more importantly today gives me a chance to pull out my fake shit eating grin.

See nothing beats going to a confrence and pasting on a big Fake Plastic smile. There is a lot of swindlers and players leftover from the old school/boys club and bullshitting is still openly practised. So today is the perfect opportunity to run around calling people sonsovabitches and dishing out firm hand shakes, all with a huge shit eating grin on my face! I love it.

First – Wow, I like Dion as much as the next guy, but this is a little much.

Second – Two of the erieest Headlines from MSNBC. Missing Hiker Saves Couple and Worker Finds Baby’s Arm in Sewer Sick and weird. Is this the Weekly World News?

Third – From the orginial 13-minute version of Wes Anderson’s Bottle Rocket.

Fourth – Who isn’t jealous of this little warrior. Talk about rocking out life with his cock out! (From Flickr)

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Not Talking About It. Thursday May 4, 2006

I’m not talking about it.

I’m not talking about it to anyone.

I almost phantom punched the poor Sunterra delivery boy in the elevator. I’m in no mood to hear anyone’s take on the game. I’m especially not in the mood to listen to the knowledgeable opinion of some sloppy soccer mom whose 15 year old kids still wets the bed. “Oh, I’m sorry they played bad last night …Well you’re a horrible parent”....

If I had a jet, I’d fly over to Stalin’s World and hide from society like an political exile.

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How I wish Girl Guide Cookies were made from... Wednesday April 12, 2006

... Real Girl Guides. Why? Because somebody needs to reduce the number of parents of Girl Guides in the world. The flurry of co-workers pawning off boxes of cookies around the office is unheralded. I have been conned in to purchasing three boxes for my office and a box for my home.

See if these cookies were made with real girl guides, we’d slowly see a decrease in the number of parents soliciting cookies at work. Eventually in two-four years there would be no more guides. Thus no more parents of girl guides to sell the cookies…

… Of course there is the potential for a Soylent Green-esque epidemic. Where citizens of Canada would become feverishly addicted to the unreal tasty goodness of those cookies. Forcing the national powers that be, to breed overeager Girl Guides in a Matrix like human farm. Breeding for the sole purpose of reproducing them as cookies. Until one day when an overeager detective would uncover this fiendish plot and reveal to the world that Girl Guide cookies were made from real Girl Guides. Wow! That would be priceless.

Alrighty then…less caffeine in the mornings.

On a more serious side, over the past month I’ve dove right back into my love of music. Full on! Fists a blaring. Since then I’ve noticed I’ve been in better spirits. Ironically yesterday as I started penning another music-critic review I came across Dooce talking about the affect music was having on her current spirits. While I’m less sympathetic to menstrual cramps and the whole kid tossing books thing, I can’t find a better description of the feeling of new music:

I’ve noticed a difference in my mood since I started searching for new music, a new lilt in my step that keeps rhythm with the melody in my head. It’s been so long since I’ve made music this much a priority in my life that I’d forgotten what it was like to lie in bed awake at night with line after line of lyrics running through my brain like the words on a teleprompter. – Dooce, April 11th, 2006

So here are some things I’ve been listening to:

P.s. For the record I have nothing against Girl Guides, I just don’t appreciate their over ambitious parents.

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604-696-1033 Wednesday April 5, 2006

Seriously please call this number. It’s hilarious. Best 30 cents of long distance I have ever spent! If only i had this at SXSW.

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