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The Evolution of The Hipster Friday August 5, 2011

It’s not often I have something so good it deserves a one off post, but this is too good not to post. It’s from the video blog Glove and Boots and it’s a couple of Muppets (actual muppets, not just idiots) describing the evolution of the Hipster.

Yes, from caveman to beatniks to the modern day Hipster, everything you need to know is explain in five hilarious minutes. Enjoy.

Psst, once you’re done watching that check out their video on Thor, Stan Lee and Super Hero movies and then go buy the Hipster Handbook. Then your life will be complete.

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Thirty Plus One Sunday June 5, 2011

Well, well, well, it looks like the old c.t.overdrive is starting to get in to fossil territory.

Yes, today is my 31st year on this fine planet of ours. In past years, I’ve outlined a long list of things I’ve learned over the years or waxed poetically about life and cherishing the moment. So what to do this year?

Well, how about explaining why I watch James Cameron’s classic Aliens on my birthday.

As anyone who grew up in the Rideau/Roxboro/Elbow Park area of Calgary in the late 80s will testify, the movie Aliens was a bit of a sub culture hit. I can’t think of single boy who grew up in that region that didn’t know the words off by heart.

And of course a shout out to the Chomiak family is in order for. Thank you for introducing a blood-ridden R-rated movie to a group of young impressionable minds at the tender age of 10. Parents today just aren’t as cool as you guys were.

I’ve seen this movie at least 160 times over my life time and I would venture to say I’m not alone in this. It’s a classic and it really is the perfect movie. Aliens, Marines, Harsh Language, Androids & Knives, A Weird Cat, Airlocks, The heart-pounding Industrial score, Those nightmare inducing scanners and of course Bill Paxton’s most glorious of death scenes.

It’s a legend in so many ways.

When I was teenager I would watch it all the time, but as father time time crept on, I would have less time and too many excuses to not watch it. Things like university, work and adulthood kept devouring my free time and it became more difficult to sit back for 3 hours to enjoy the doomed fate of my favourite group of bad-ass Marines.

So a few years ago, I decided that instead of always talking about watching my favorite movie of all time, I’d do something about it. I decreed that on my birthday, from now until 2064, I’d take the 3 hours to sit back and take time out to relive the past… To take things back to the basics and remember simpler times.

So about 6 years ago I started waking up each birthday, shutting down my work email and watching Aliens with a tall frosty sugar-induced beverage. And it’s a tradition I have cherished ever since.

With that I hope you enjoy the day and do something fun for yourself, I know I will.

(P.S. shout out to Mr. Rennie for the Aliens link.)

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Stevie Segal + Chickens + A Tank Monday May 16, 2011

We have a twisted sleep schedule. Completely twisted.

Because of which, I like to turn on one of the local news channels in the morning as we try to get our bearings and figure out what’s going to happen for the day. Typically I watch NBC Washington, as it’s that perfect combination of local news update (i.e. somebody getting shot) and A-Channel-esque morning show. But this morning I turned the channel to CBS… Which apparently shows Inside Edition in the mornings.

Now I was half a sleep listening to this drivel, when a segment came on describing how a man in Arizona was suing Steven Segal (Yes, THAT Steven Segal) for excessive force. The reported stated, that Segal rode a tank into his house while the local sheriff department was doing a raid on a supposed Cockfighting ring. Apparently, the plaintiff claimed that this was a use of excessive force, because Segal rode the tank into the man’s property and then they killed 120 of the chickens.

Clearly this guy hasn’t seen Under Siege 2: Dark Territory, because he would know that old Stevie never does anything in an excessive manner.

Of course, please note that I was a half a sleep when I heard this on the news. So it took me about a full hour to really understand the situation.

And as any rational person would do, I had to Google it to see if it was true…

And yes, this story is true and as weird as it sounds.

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Random Thoughts For The Show Goes On... Sunday May 8, 2011

As hinted in my previous post from this week, we had the pleasure to attend The SweetLife Festival in Maryland. Where we got to see a slew of bands including Girl Talk, The Strokes and Lupe Fiasco. While Girl Talk was as amazing as advertised and The Strokes… well they really just confirmed why I’ve never been a massive fan, Lupe’s set was killer.

I’ve been a big fan of Lupe since his appearance on the Touch The Sky video, but this was the first time I’ve seen him live since he was an opener for Kanye West. He’s definitely matured and his stage presence has really improved, plus he’s suddenly learned how to make a killer track. Including The Show Goes On which is just amazing…

Update – Ah yes, it appears the reason why I love The Show Goes On is because it samples Modest Mouse’s Float On!

First – Aw man. Here I was about to proclaim whoopie pies as the next cupcakes, but it looks like Calgary’s Jelly Modern is making donuts the new craze.

Just look at these things of beauty.

Second – I’ve always been a fan of The Orioles, because really who doesn’t love Cal Ripplefart and of course that amazing Orange and Black colour scheme. But this shirt is truly amazing.

Let’s see if you can notice the hidden message at the base of the bat.

Third – I have never understood Aquaman’s appeal … Well at least Batman agrees with me.

Fourth – Although Groupon has apparently responded to this criticism, it just goes to show that the culture of tremendous growth over customer service is what makes the company so hard to cheer for … oh yeah that and the whole Superbowl commercial flop.

Virtual High Five to the little DC company that could (i.e Living Social)

Sixth – You can thank poploser for this, but it’s the 20 most inappropriate songs used in commercials. My favorite from this list has to be the Subaru – If I Should Fall From Grace With God by The Pogues… because as we all know nothing says Hockey Moms like an alcoholic Irishman with horrible teeth.

… But the one I did ever think about was the Pepsi – Brown Sugar commercial. It seamed like such a fun loving commercial.

Seventh – I called this in a Tweet on Sunday night, but it looks like the The New York Times actually had to stop the presses.

“The news broke really late, and by that time we were already in the middle of the printing run,” she explains. “There was some discussion and because of the magnitude of the news, the order was given to stop the presses.”

Eighth – We’ve all seen this photo on flickr? No?

Well you should.

It’s already become one of the most viewed photos in Flickr history and it’s also one for the ages. One that is starting to be considered one of the most iconic photos of the Obama’s tenure as Commander in-cheif.

Ninth – My friend Andy told me about this some time ago, but it’s only now that I had a chance to play around with it, but if you’re a designer, you need to download What The Font. Easily one of the best apps for designers out there.

Tenth – If you’re in the Design Industry and still debating the Mac vs. PC issue while also having a bit of time on your hands, this is a great read

If you’re in the Design Industry and a ravenous Mac fan while also wanting to get your blood boiling, this might not be a good read.

Eleventh – Last year I invested in a iPhone games fund and they’ve released a new game for the iPhone/PC called Jet Set Go! (PC link and iTunes link). If you’re into games like Sally Spa you’ll love this game.

I know there are a few of you PC game lovers, so check out the free version and play around with it. I’d love to hear your feed back.

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Life in The District Wednesday May 4, 2011

One of the things I have tried and ultimately failed at doing since moving to Washington, is to explain how absurd and surreal this city is. Whenever we have visitors it’s the warning I always give them and there is an overwhelming agreement that this city is unreal by the end of their stay.

Now nothing explains this feeling, more than how the events of Sunday unfolded.

So my wife and I had the cool opportunity to take in the Sweetlife Festival, an all day music and food showcase put on by a local salad chain. That in itself was memorable and fun. We got to see Girl Talk, Lupe Fiasco and The Strokes in this amazing outdoor venue – while mocking all the Hipsters in DC and enjoying some delicious gluten free cupcakes. That in itself was a DC moment … as we like to call them.

To get there we had to rent a car, as the Merrieweather pavilion is a quick 40 minute drive (or 3 state) drive from our humble home. On the trip home, at about 10 o’clock, we drove past Chinatown and the Verizon center to watch as hundreds of disappointed caps fans stumbled out into the streets. We got stuck in traffic for a bit and finally arrived at our apartment, unpacked our rental car and started to unwind.

Minutes later Twitter exploded.

News that Osama bin Laden had leaked.

At first it didn’t really sink in. It was sorta like okay, that’s cool. But moments later people started cheer and erupting into jubilation, things finally started to sink. We turned on CNN and watch President Obama address the nation from the White House, a handful of miles away from our quite little apartment and a place we had just passed on our way home.

At that point it all started to come together, here we were two Canadians sitting at one of the epi-centers of this memorable event. The Pentagon, which we pass on a weekly basis as it’s also where we get groceries, was packed with activity. The White House, which we had just driven by had transformed in to an impromptu celebration, with George Washington undergrads flowing on to the streets from their dorm rooms. (Most of these kids have never really understood a world with out Osama. They’ve spent 50% of their lives living with the fear and anger towards this man – hence the Sugar Ray-esque party vibe).

And as we sat there, we just sat in silence, thinking of how surreal this all was.

It’s one thing to have these moments in a different city or a foreign country to reflect on what happened. Hell, I remember the morning I woke up before class to watch the Second Tower fall. It was surreal and crazy, but there was still a bit of detachment. But to have these moments unravel around you at locations that you use as references for grocerie stores or as favorite coffee shops, is unimaginably different.

Frankly, It’s odd.

It’s been an incredible time to live in this city. We’ve seen a Tea Party rally, the John Stewart rally, the rise of a revolutionary Middles East, a near full on Government shutdown and we’ve had the opportunity to meet some illustrious people – including former heads of state (i.e. The Honorable Brian Mulroney). Well to be honest, my wife has, I really only hang out at Baseball stadiums.

Either way, this city is an experience and it’s one that’s indescribable. In a city where so much happens, it was more than just another simple Sunday.

It was one of those where were you moments.

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