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The Future Turners Wedding

The First Year Saturday December 18, 2010

So… what a difference a year makes.

365 days ago today, I was able to partake in one of the most amazing days of my life.

Beneath the glow of the winter city lights and a soft December snowfall, Caitlin and myself exchanged our wedding vows. At the time, we had spent the past year of our life planning and agonizing about this day, but in the back of our minds stirred a tidbit of news we had received days before the festivities were to start.

See a mere three days before our wedding, my wife had been informed that she had been accepted to George Mason University’s International Conflict Analysis and Resolution program.

As a precursor to the year ahead, we also learned that classes at GMU started on Jan 12th. To say this was a daunting turnaround would be an understatement. To go from the chaotic final days of a wedding to the Christmas season to figuring out how to uproot our lives and move across the continent – to say it was freighting would be an understatement.

So fast forward a year later and we’re back in Calgary for a bit of a Christmas vacation. A crazy two and a half month transition period, a 5 day road trip across America in a U-Haul, adjusting to life in The District, a family emergency and a dramatic change in our life path(s) later and we’re back to Dec 19th.

It’s been one hell of a year and … I wouldn’t have done a single thing differently.

We’ve both grown as individuals and as a couple … and really if we can make it through this year, the sky is the limits. This has easily been one of the most amazing years of my life and I look forward the next twenty-fifty odd years together.

So to the love of my life, happy first anniversary munchkin.

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Random Thoughts For Sweet Memories Of The Wedding Friday January 22, 2010

This made my day… It’s Don’t Stop Believing by a bunch of New York School Kids. (you can thank my cousin in-law Lyndsie for that link)

The last time I heard this was at our wedding … At least these kids kept their pants on.

First – From the CBC ten bands that are expected to make it big in 2010... And by expected, I mean might. We are Canadians after all and making bold statements about success really isn’t our thing.

Second – The Conan O’Brien and Jay Leno feud… explained by Intense JAPANESE 3D ANIMATION…. Conan O’Brien as The HULK and some other dude as Capt. America. (via. Jaydorn)

Third – This might come as a shock to some, but Matt Good (of The Matthew Good Band fame) is increasingly becoming one of the most interesting celebrities on the Internet.

Yes, you can judge his political stances, his opinions on government influences, his opinions on his fans and the music industry; but without question the way he’s using the Interwebs to connect with fans and stay in the online consciousness is really impressive. Recently, he announced that he was going to switch to a subscription fee model for his site … But that disappeared and now it looks like they are taking a different approach … maybe … Something about pubic hair.

Either way, it’s interesting and he’s pushing the concept of a personal brand in to a whole new realm.


Fourth – To be honest, I haven’t watch late night television since my Jr. High years, but this whole Conan vs. Leno feud is highly entertaining.

Watch as Conan does what every jilted employee would love to do and spends his last few days of employment blowing the company’s expense account.

FifthThese are the companies (sorta) in your neighbourhood.

I’m going to go off the charts for a bit and got to the home of one of my best friends… That’s right. We’re running to Saskatoon.

Anyways, at the Digital Alberta event on Tuesday I ran into a member of team ZuLabs an interatctive company out of Saskatoon that has done some great media campaigns with large Canadian companies. During our discussions, Stephanie mentioned that their team has broken into the iPhone App market in a huge way with their TimmyMe App

Yup, an app that allows you to find the nearest Tim Hortons. Genius, eh?

Well it’s also a pretty simple and slick application, with a well designed interface. It’s already made a wave on the market, but I thought I’d give it a shout out. It’s a great idea and it’s a simple way to get a product out there. Plus it’s free.

So congrats to ZuLabs & TimmyMe.

Sixth – I just wet myself… My man-crush Damon Albarn is back in the studio again. This time it looks like Gorillaz are gearing up for a new album to coincide with their Cochachella Show.

Seventh – I choked on my coffee twice reading this week’s edition of Poploser’s Amusing Myself to Death... The first choke was during the Gamer synopsis and the second… Well, you’ll just have to guess.

Eighth – From Kermitology … It’s a series of Star Wars branded Adidas shoes.

Yeah, I’m freaking serious… They even have STORMTROOPER shoes.

Those would look killer with my Star Wars cufflinks.

Ninth – Also, for all you entrepreneurs out there make sure you read Duncan’s work with local serial entrepreneur Ken Bautista. If you’re curious as to how to get your idea of the ground in Canada, make sure you get on board with this series of stories.

Tenth – Last, but not least as apart of the High Performance rodeo in Calgary, The Uptown is showing Art & Copy. A highly regarded documentary on Advertising.

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The Adventures 2009 Thursday December 31, 2009

So this will be the third (or possibly fourth instalment) of the yearly Adventures series. For those unfamiliar, I essentially create a post which lists the cities I’ve spent one or more nights in over the past year. The idea is completely borrowed from and has been a bit of staple on the old c.t.overdrive.

Typically, in a somewhat pompous way, this annual post showcases the amount of travel I’ve done in a year and the correlating stories for each little trip. For most readers, this is probably the single the most annoying post in this blog. Because essentially, it means I sorta flaunt my travel itinerary over the past 365 days. Which I fully understand is annoying. But for the first time since I started this list, I stand on the opposite side of spectrum. The side of someone who didn’t get a chance to travel for an entire year.

2009 was a crazy.

It was bookended by an engagement and a marriage, but the 11 months in between were filled with nothing but work and work and more work and very, very, very little time for play. While it will undoubtedly go down as a year of many milestones – I’m glad as all hell it’s over.

So on to the list. (As always a good old Astrix decrees multiple nights)

As you can see, it wasn’t a year of travel or many adventures at all…. But I have a feeling that 2010 will be far more exciting…far more exciting.

But to celebrate the end of 2009, let’s showcase one of the best things to come out of the year that was. That is the Yeah, Yeah, Yeah’s Heads Will Roll video. Which features Carrie Ann-Moss Karen O and some neck-thrashing werewolf … of some sorts.

As always, feel free to add your list in the comments.

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The Present Day Turners Thursday December 24, 2009

It’s been a long while since I’ve been even remotely reflective and sentimental on c.t.overdrive. And I know some of you haven’t missed that aspect of the blog.

For those familiar with the story for the of c.t.overdrive, you’ll know that the first year and a half of this blog’s existence was a complete personal gong show. I was battling with sobriety and complete uncertainty with a career plan. It was chaotic and when I look back at the those old posts, I wonder about how much of a ninny I was back then.

For the past two and a half years there has been dramatic change in the tone of the site. Sure these past few years have been filled with ups and downs and it would be a lie to pretend these haven’t been busy years; the evolution of the Armadillo Studios brand has kept me exceptionally busy. But overall the tone of the site has become a bit more light-hearted and less emo as Mr. Dark Manyluk likes to say. So give me some lee-way with this post.

On Saturday a chapter of my life ended while another one begun. See, I married my munchie.

For many of the people in attendance, our wedding was the culmination of a full year of intense and somewhat chaotic planning and organizing. It was an amazing ceremony and thank you to all the people who were apart of our awesome weekend.

But to myself and Caitlin, the wedding was something else. It was the exclamation point on a two and half year statement. That exclamation point of course was the introduction to our new family; The Present Day Turners.

People have asked me for the past few days what and how it feels to be married. Up until that point, I would have ventured to say that my answer was going to be It’s the same or No Difference. But over the past few days, I’ve quickly learned that it does change. It doesn’t change how you relate to each other, but in how others react to you, as a couple and a team. Team Turner FTW!

After going through the process, a wedding really isn’t about the chicken dance or removing weeds and dead flowers from one’s garden, it’s a public statement of love and intent to spend the rest of your lives with someone. It’s the introduction of a new family and a new chapter in a whole group of people’s lives. For the couple getting married, it makes life that much easier. It removes mountains of stress that even the most self aware couple never knew existed. Because from that moment on no one (well in theory) can question your commitment to one and another. As a couple you no longer have to justify any actions to further yourself as a couple. It becomes a statement – with that statement a massive weight is lifted from your shoulders and life becomes that much easier.

So with that, I get the honor of doing something I never thought I would, I get to introduce The Turners.

Thank you to all who were involved in our weekend, you truly are the kings and queens of kings. It was amazing – Thank you.

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c.t.overdriveman Tuesday December 15, 2009

So Friday was my bachelor party and it was as epic of a c.t.overdrive bachelor party as one could come across. 23 supervillians and one 14-16 year old spiderman costume descended on the Saddledome for complete chaos. No Supervillians were caught during the foray, but some pride was lost.

Thanks to all the Supervillians who came out and made it a spectacular c.t.overdrive party if there ever was one.

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