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Dear Hockey Gods... Tuesday April 12, 2011

Dear Hockey Gods,

I know the playoffs start tomorrow night and I rarely make predictions, especially after the debacle of 2006. But please, for all that’s whole and mighty in the world – please let this song reign down on the Vancouver Canucks for next two weeks.


A loyal flames fan

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Random Thoughts For Some Horrible Timing Saturday February 19, 2011

In my opinion, the fact I will be watching the Heritage Classic from my apartment in Washington after watching the Capitals in the Winter Classic from my in-laws in Calgary is the devious work of the gods on Mt. Olympus.

I’m convinced they’re now punishing me for some of the tomfoolery I committed during my university years… yes, that’s my story. DAMN YOU ZEUS.

Either way, I’m going to be spending Sunday watching all 40,000 of Calgary’s craziest fans cheer on the flames at The Heritage Classic... In -15 degree weather. It’s going to be amazing.

(photo via BuzzBishop)

First – This is an interesting article about the dynamics of Facebook’s relocation into the heart of the Silicon Valley.

But it’s not the details regarding the interesting dynamics of the company’s relocation that interests me, it’s the map of Silicon Valley and where each major tech outfit is located that I find fascinating. (via. The Huffington Post … Who was recently purchased from AOLonline … Yeah the modem guys … stop laughing)

Second – Have you watched Raising Hope? Have you ever wondered why the father continuously wears Washington Capitals gear in each episode? Well, here’s your answer.

Third – Hmmm… I may have hockey on the brain at the moment.

Either way, I have to point this out, especially for those who complain about not being able to get a foot hold in an industry or struggle with marketing themselves. If you don’t understand the importance of personal branding, then please read this article on Phoenix Coyote’s fourth line bench warmer Paul Bissonnette – or BizNasty2point0.

If a fourth line plugger, on a team which has been the butt end of many jokes, can carve his own niche as a NHL personality, you really have no excuses.

Foruth – If you’ve got 14 minutes and want to ruin your faith in humanity, watch this animation (which I found on George Strombolopous’ blog). It shows every single Nuclear warhead that has been detonated from 1940-1998.

The only thing I can say after watching all 14 minutes is…


Wait a second.

Fifth – This is a bit of an oldie… and by oldie, I mean two weeks old… Either way it’s the Malcolm Gladwell bookcover generator. I’ve kept it open in one of my Firefox tabs, because who doesn’t want to start their day with a new random Gladwell book cover. (via. poploser)

Sixth – I detest Sean Avery, but you’ve got to give the guy credit for his pledge to stand up for Gay Rights in minor hockey.

Seventh – And my continuing 180 change on Groupon continues… way to screw over people on Valentine’s day…. yeah jackwagons.

Eighth – Before you read the following article, you have to have a good hard look at this inspirational image.

Now have a look at this article on Obama’s meeting with the top thinkers of the Silicon Valley tech community. I really hope in twenty years we don’t all look at this Obama toast picture in the same way.


Tenth – Last but not least, if you think some of my link show how twisted DC is… Well you ain’t seen anything, until you watch this up coming documentary on Baltimore called 12 O’Clock in Balitmore.

It’s unreal and if you want to help out with getting it made, feel free to sponsor it via Kickstarter. (via. cawlin)

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Oh Ollie, You're An Internet Star Tuesday January 25, 2011

Well it looks like I’m going to make another Flames post. What is that 2 in one week? Sacriliage!

Anyways, since embarking on his second go-around with my beloved Flames, Ollie ‘The Joker’ Jokinen has become sort of a whipping boy/brunt of all jokes. It doesn’t help that his head looks like an elongated Pumpkin and his Finnish facial expressions are the things a photographer dreams of. So over the past few months, you’ve probably noticed that Ollie Jokinen has become a bit of an Internet Celebrity.

Anyways, thanks to the internet we no longer need to scour the internet on a daily basis for our Ollie fixes. There is now a Tumblr blog for that

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Random Thoughts For Landon Ferraro Friday June 26, 2009

Alright, it’s been a busy, busy couple of days in the world, but tonight is an important one for Hockey nerds all over. It’s the 2009 NHL Draft in Montreal.

In honor of the draft the c.t.overdrive is going to do something I’ve typically refused to do and that’s make predictions. Or in this case who I believe The Flames will draft and turn into the next reincarnation of Charles Kobasew. So without dragging it out any further … and basically so we can get on to more interesting Random Thoughts. The Flames will pick (either one of these two players)

The c.t.overdrive Picks of 2009

Yes, I know these are the two safest picks for The Flames. On one hand you’ve got a kid that has great linage (Landon is the son of Ray Ferraro) and happens to be a product of the Sutter family business (Brent Sutter owns the Red Deer rebels). Then with Runbald you’ve got a random puck moving defensemen in the mold of Jordan Leopold and also happens to be from the only area in Europe that Darryl Sutter likes to venture into.

Either way, I’ll be giddy with excitement if the Flames get the opportunity to pick either of these players.

Yes, I know this was a Nerdy intro… But I am a hockey nerd. What do you expect.

Update: In case you didn’t follow the draft as ravenously as I did. The Flames chose Tim Erixon with the 23rd pick after trading down. Landon Ferraro wasn’t picked until the beginning of the first round and was completely disenfranchised with the experience.

First – It looks like Coldplay sure had one unusual driving experience in Deadmonton a week and a bit ago.

SecondDead Snow – Zombies, Nazis and the Swiss Alps – This could be the greatest idea for a move since Reign of Fire. (via jaydorn)

Third – Yes, more draft coverage, but this one is a bit funny at least. Down Goes Brown (the guy behind the fake Brian Burke account) takes on the Maple Leafs potential draft picks.

Now here comes Brayden Schenn, the younger brother (of Luke Schenn) who may actually be more talented. But he’s trapped in his big brother’s shadow. And he knows it. Everybody knows it… If a lifetime of english literature, greek epic poetry and professional wrestling have taught me anything, it’s that younger brothers can’t be trusted. The potential for an eventual dramatic brotherly backstab is off-the-charts here.

Fourth – A Brazilian director take on the exotic city of Sao Paulo through the eyes of an expert Parkour-ish? (via. Chance Harrington)

FifthA MacNerd goes all Jack Bauer in Chicago after losing his iPhone at a Lego Convention. I’d love to say this is all make believe, but unfortunately it’s not.

P.S. Who knew there was a Lego Convention?

Sixth – Apologizes need to be given out due to the strong NHL tinge on this week’s Random Thoughts, but in my defense it is the draft weekend. Anyways, here are The Top Ten Hockey related Blog stories from 2009.

Seventh – Urban Studies Students from the U of C make an impact at the PlanIt Calgary civic discussions … sniff, sniff, reminds me of my university days and brings a tear to my eyes.


Eighth11 Outfits for the Urban Freelancer – The guy in his ginch is by far my favorite one.

Ninth – My final word on the late breaking news from yesterday – Is Michael Jackson a Zombie Yet? I know it is in bad taste, but this sucker popped up mere moments after it was confirmed that he passed away. (via Conradaroma)

P.S. If you want to know absolutely everything that happened yesterday surrounding MJ’s death – Poploser has every tidbit of information known to mankind. Which in turn, further solidify him as the master of all pop culture in this fine city.

Tenth – The original Golden Axe has been ported to the iPhone/Touch iPod (via. poploser &

Eleventh – Last but not least, The Flames farm team has unveiled it’s new logo and branding. So welcome to The Abbotsford Heat.

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Conroy vs. McGuire Wednesday May 27, 2009

Who gets it?

Who Gets It? Conroy Gets It!

Conroy Gets It!

Sorry for another hockey post, but anyone who has been subjected to TSN/NBC analyst’s Pierre McGuire’s energetic ramblings, will get a huge kick out of this. (Credit goes to the posters on cpuck that get it)

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