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Don't Be A Debbi! Monday August 24, 2009

A couple of years ago, I placed an add for a temporary roommate on Craigslist. It was during the height of this city’s housing crunch and dozens of people responded. I had to do a dramatic interview process with a bunch of people. After two days of ridiculous roommate interviews and dozens of sob stories, I settled on a roommate … Who I happily refer to as Roommate Phil.

I love Phil like a little brother. I always feel guilty that the poor guy had to live with me during what was the darkest five months of my life. But it turned out an awesome experience and we always keep in touch. When he comes breezing into town to recuperate from his misadventures, we try and meet for coffee. I’ve dropped the ball on that for the past little while, but it’s always a pleasure to see him. Anyways…

Well this time around he’s in Calgary for a bit before heading off to Tokyo and Korea, but in the mean time he’s launched a blog. This blog is called Don’t Be a Debbi and it’s Alaska FAB-uolous.

Don't Be A Debbi

Don’t Be A Debbi, is roommate Phil to a T. Hysterical, surreal and filled with an elaborate and entertaining view on society. One that you can’t but smile when you read it. Some parts of Don’t Be A Debbi, might be somewhat risque and offensive to some, but it’s hilarious in a way that I can’t even begin to describe.

So anyways.. Don’t Be a Debbi

Hurray! The blogosphere is going to be introduced to the world of “Don’t Be A Debbi!” This is a fantastic day, in which I can shed a tear and fondle my cheek and say “I did it. I really did it” Kudos me. To celebrate, I think I’ll post a video of another person with dreams: A wannabe stripper pole-dancing to The Knife in her DIY strip club living room. She has a dream too. All she wants is someone to pull her away and whisper in her ear, “Shoot for the moon, but aim for the stars!” – taken from the original Don’t Be a Debbi Blog Post.

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Frightened Rabbit Tuesday June 9, 2009

Being that it’s a Tuesday morning and Sled Island 2009 is around the corner, I’m in a bit of an indie mood. So I thought I’d share one of the bands that I’ve had stuck in my playlist for the past little while.

Selkirk, Scotland’s own Frightened Rabbit. Andy of NonImage fame got me absolutely hooked on these guys and they are really spectacular. A mix between Neil Young and Blue Rodeo. Such a fantastic little band.

And I know I’ve pimped the site before, but Offthebeatentracks pulled one hell of a coup by getting lead singer Scott Hutchinson to showcase one of their newest songs for their project. So sit back and enjoy some great music.

Episode #5.1: Frightened Rabbit – “Be Less Rude” from Off The Beaten Tracks on Vimeo.

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The Heartless Bastards Tuesday March 10, 2009

This could be one of the best stories behind a band’s name that I have ever come across:

According to Wennerstrom, the name of the band comes from a question on a Mega Touch trivia quiz game at a bar. A question asked the name of Tom Petty’s backing band, and one of the options was “Tom Petty and the Heartless Bastards.” She thought it was funny, and used it when she later formed a band.

Anyways, I’ve been listening to a lot of Ohio’s The Heartless Bastards lately. All due to Joey Doyle’s personal recommendation’s and Music-Critic Nathan’s Iron-fisted tyranny, but either way they’re a great band.

… And because I’m running into a bit of a stalemate finding great things on the net to talk about, I thought I’d share them with you.

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Engagement Session with JT Images Sunday March 8, 2009

Before Caitlin even knew the engagement was coming I’d had already plotted to have JT Images booked as our photographer. I have been following Johnny’s rise and growth as a wedding photographer via calgarypuck with awe and astonishment for a couple of years now. So when the deed was done in January, my first instinct was to call Johnny and arrange for an Engagement Session.

(The images located below are low-res version of our photos. Better resolution can be found on his blog JT Images. Out of Respect for the amazing work of Johnny don’t even dare rip them off and pawn them as your own. )

Caitlin & Connor E-Session

In the Alley Ways of Kensington

Words won’t do the entire event justice, but Johnny’s ability to catch a reflection, to utilize the smallest amount of light or to pinpoint the perfect amount of color is a amazing talent. He took our challenge to shoot in Kensington and brought out a side of our neighborhood neither one of us had experienced.

By Geo's on 10th Street

By Sam's Deli

… And for those curious souls out there – Yes, we did a guerrilla photoshoot in our local Safeway. And yes, people stared at us as we stopped in the middle of the milk isle to makeout pose for the camera.

Featured in your local grocery Isle

Behind the Oranges

A big thank you goes to Johnny from Caitlin and myself. Your work is phenomenal. We are so ecstatic to have you capture every nuance of our wedding day. We can’t wait to work with you in December.

P.S. If anyone reading this is interested in his services, Johnny’s main web site provides a variety of different non-wedding options.

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Hey You! Listen up! SXSW is EASY! Thursday February 26, 2009

So listen up kids! If you haven’t heard news, but SXSW is EASY

Yes, yes, yes, I’m using the ol’overdrive to pimp another corporation project, but this one is interesting and some what comical.

A couple of months ago the Stalelife guys (Kurt and Joe) approach NonImage (Andy) and myself about helping to launch a definitive guide to SXSW for the ’09 rendition. So after months of planning and behind the scenes work, we finally released this sucker to the world just in time for the festivities to kick off.

While there are dozens of other sites out there giving you the run down on SXSW, this one is different. It’s a content based site, but the content is funny and relevant.

We’ve created an entire list of all the best sessions to check out and some hilarious Do’s and Don’ts. We’ve even built an entire section on things to do in Austin, that points out some of the city’s quirks and bests … Including Leslie Austin’s Most Famous Tranny. We’ve even included some stellar photos, so you can keep your eye out for my mug mawing down on some colon destroying Tacos.

So check it out, provide some feedback and if you’re into it follow the SXSWisEASY Twitter account

(P.S. A big thanks goes to Kurt, Joe and Andy for their working and letting the corporation be apart of this project)

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