SXSW 2008

SXSW08: Product Pimping Tuesday March 25, 2008

Before I start, I just want to point out that I was actually on top of this whole twitter Web 2.0 revolt stuff. See I wasn’t making it up. By the way watching the AltaVista Party happen via Twitter was hilarious. Hundreds of geeks all looking puzzled trying to find out if and how AltaVista was still a viable company.

Okay, so it’s been 2 weeks since I came home and I’m still only catching up now with rooting through all the swag I pull back. So this is the last you’ll hear of SXSW 2008. Ever! I promise…

So on with some product pimping from SXSW.

First and fore most since I’ve already increased sales of Blik and the sumo lounge chair on this site, I’m going to have to pimp Timbuk2’s line of customizable and designer messenger bags. I’m sorry, but these were almost as common as Macs/itouches/iphones at the conference and they are to fing die for. Seriously number one on my must have list.

June 5th’s my birthday in case you were wondering.

One of the coolest bits of swag came from Freshbooks, the quintessential freelance invoicing application, and their Hangover cure.

The highlight of the tradeshow had to Mimobots, who produce are custom made vinyl USB keys. At the trade show they were a stellar hit and at a 45% discount. Their booth was packed with people and I’m still hitting my head for not pickign up a dozen and reselling them. just check out the X-wing Luke Skywalker.

City of Heroes the video game. World of War craft but you get to be a superhero … If I wasn’t in a committed relationship right now I might consider joining this and throwing out all contact with the female race. But for now the addictive PackRat will have to do.

So what do you do when you’re all jacked into this whole web 2.0 Nonsense and you post on multiple web sites? Simple you utilize every time you post a twitt, blog post, flickr photo or a Gootube video it notifies your friends via an RSS Feed.

Besides that the rest of your usual suspects were pimping there wears at SXSW- You know Threadless, Facebook, Tokyo Police Club, and Media Temple.

Oh yeah….And if anyone can explain to me what the fuck is I will send them a small prize.

Seriously, WTF is it.

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SXSW08: The Legend of the Ice Cream Man Sunday March 16, 2008

The Ice Cream Man is a legend of sorts at SXSW. In 2006 I first met him and his deliciously tasty ice creamy treat-arinos.

Essentially the man, sponsored by the glorious Jakk Printing, drives around Austin handing out free ice cream bars. With no catch.

Just free Ice Cream Bars. Fucking brilliant marketing.

Anyways, I just want to show that Armadillo studios is one of the few companies to have their sticker on the Legend’s Truck!

Via Les Armadillo

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SXSW08: Meeting People is Easy Thursday March 13, 2008

Hey look who open’s the video up. That’s right the ol’ c.t.overdrive in the lobby of the Radisson Hotel.

Via David Seah’s new media blog. I meet David on the bus over to the hotel and in the hotel lobby. It’s a good solid 14 minutes of the people and places of SXSW!

See meeting people at SXSW is easy.

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SXSW08: Tokyo Police Club Thursday March 13, 2008

So Monday morning was rainy and shitty at Austin, and it made sneaking out to the Blame Canada Session a little different. Because I was going to Fucking Texas and who needs a raincoat. Fahk.

Needless to say the Blame Canada Session was really solid. I did a polite blog recap at the corps site, but the session got very heated. One of the heads (and apparent rockstar hotshot) of Microsoft Canada came up and lambasted the panel. To the point where someone in the audience just grew tired of his banter and fired back at him.

It actually turned a lame panel into a very intriguing one, because as much as I hate to admit this … The rockstar was right. You can’t triumph Canada’s accomplishment to a room filled with Canadians, when we barely make up 10 percent of the SXSW attendees.

The rest of the panels that morning where only somewhat interesting, not memorable enough to write about. But I did hit up the Iron Works grill for the first time. Which was divine and totally glutastic!

I only caught the tail end of Nuclear Taco as I was cross town at the Canadian Film Centre’s showcase, trying to woo clients. Those tacos are still ridiculously hot and they still ruined my colon the next morning.

Get to the point already Turner!

Alright highlight of the night and the perfect way to end the entire experience was Tokyo Police Club’s showcase at the Fvvvvvrvrrrrr Launch Party

First If you are going to launch your social web site at SXSW; with a killer set of bands, make sure you tell people what your site is about! You’re in beta (surprise!) and your name is missing a bunch of vowels, but what the fahk is FRRVRR?

I digress. As much as Tokyo Police Club sound like a bunch of kids playing Strokes covers. They are a very, very solid band and rightfully deserve all the credit they’ve received over the past few years. I was a fan before and now I’m a loyal converted fan to the cult of TPC.

I’ll have to admit for such a whirlwind tour this year, the Fvvvvvvrrrvvrvr party was the perfect way to close out SXSW 08 for myself. With all the parties going on, all of the people I meet up with ended up at the Mohawk for a spectacular night. I wish I had more pictures to share, but I sorta put my thumb through the screen of my Sony Camera. Long story.

A couple more blog posts to come in the next little while, but that’s a wrap of SXSW and of the days gone by.

swag post and ice cream man posts to come

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SXSW08: Austin City Limits Tuesday March 11, 2008

So like two years ago, I’ve gone from blogging like a mad man, to being two days behind. It’s far to easy to get caught up in the excitement of SXSW and I’m trying to catch up right now.

Now, I’m in the legendary Denver Airport. It better not be fucking foggy in Calgary.

Sunday evening was a very interesting one and oddly enough I was able to complete a personal goal.

We went to the disappointingly lame threadless, moo, etsy, timbuk2 party. For such innovated companies, a moo card holder and some stickers really isn’t a nice botch of swag…Still love the companies, especially timbuk2 which is now #1 on my must have list.

So myself and Andy, bounced, yet again to another party. This time to one held by weirdly weird at the Austin PBS studio.

Unannounced to me, we were actually attending a party at the studio where Austin City limits produced. Lets review that statement.

THE STUDIO WHERE AUSTIN CITY LIMITS is broadcast. As Andy would say, fucking ace.

The night was great. Free food and great bands. Although we missed LightSpeed Champion, we did catch the adorably poppy sounds of The Spinto Band.

Besides that the talks on Sunday were really phenomenal. Far better than Saturdays talks. I’ve blogged about the super intriguing icanhasacheezburger panel at the corp’s site. You’ll notice the ads that now appear on c.t.overdrive. I know it’s a different look for the site, but I felt it was finally time to start monetizing my insane ideas. They’ll change and become more integrated with the web site once I get around to the new redesign.

next up on the blogging list … The Tokyo Police Club party.

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