More BumpTop Love From Google Monday May 3, 2010

So remember a couple years ago when I was all like Bumptop is the greatest thing since slice bread and then Bumptop exploded and went live and I was like HOT JAM! that’s my quote on the frontpage!. Remember those days.

They were the good ol’ days.

Anyways, late Saturday night I (like every other pro user) received a cryptic email from Bumptop’s team noting that they would no longer be offering Bumptop’s services for the Mac and Windows OS. Which was quite alarming, the wording was very cryptic and at the time I was somewhat disappointed. As an original user and fan-boy, if they weren’t going to be offering their product for Mac and Windows machines, how could they possibly survive? My first reaction was that they had Deadpooled and were shutting their doors, but the wording was very cryptic, yet still very positive. I felt bad for Anand (the creator and old friend from my days at the University of Calgary), that his baby had fallen apart.

I later tweeted about my initial reaction and received a DM that everything was good. Which still had me puzzled, until yesterday morning, when news officially broke that Google had purchased Bumptop.

Holy Toledo

Wow. This is a huge tech score for Google and an amazing turn of events for Anand and his team. I can’t even imagine what’s going to happen with Bumptop’s proprietary technology with Google backing them. In the short term, this probably won’t make that much of a difference in your computing world, but down the road I think there are elements of Bumptop’s touch interface patents that you’ll be using on an everyday basis.

The more I think about it the more obvious of an amazing coup this becomes for Google.

So a big congratulations goes out to Anand and his hardworking team at Bumptop. Well done guys and I can’t wait to see what how you take your technology to the next level.

BTW buddy way to represent the NE yyc!

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BumpTop Gets Sexier Thursday October 1, 2009

It is pretty obvious that I’m a huge fan of BumpTop, probably one of the company’s biggest fan boyz. So this news is pretty stellar for the future of the application, because Bumptop now has multi-touch functionality...

Wow. I can hear pin drops.

Alright, this new probably means nothing to most people. So here’s a simplified explanation: it means that Bumptop is one step closer to becoming the multi-touch application that was seen in The Minority Report. Ahhh! Now we’re catching on.

Anyways. Do yourself a favour and check out the video below for the latest innovation.

So how many of you watched the movie? Come on now. Go back and watch the movie again.

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More Bumptop Love Wednesday April 8, 2009

Fantastic news is a buzz in the Tech Industry at the moment. If you’re not in the loop, Anand Agarawala and his team of developers have launched the much anticipated Bumptop Desktop Application to the world!

And if you’ve been a regular reader to the old c.t.overdrive, you’ll know that I am a ravenous advocate of Bumptop’s Interface. It’s a fantastic application and one that has changed how I work and how I manage my projects. Plus, this latest rendition of the app also incorporates Facebook and Twitter functionality and other great features. If you can’t tell, I feel somewhat invested in the launch today … of course not as invested as Anad and his team.

So you can understand my jubilation to see my quote displayed proudly on the main page of Bumptop and the main Bumptop Love page.

Right there sandwiched between The New York Times, Andy Hertzfeld and The CBC is Armadillo Studios and the c.t.overdrive.

I don’t think I can stress how honored I am to be featured on the launch web site.

So a major congratulations goes out to Anad and his team!

And to all you people wondering what the fuzz is about. Take a gander at my earlier review and then download a full version of the app. Trust me it will revolutionize how you utilize your desktop.

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The BumpTop Lovetap Thursday October 30, 2008

Two Fridays ago, I woke-up and turned my computer on to find that c.t.o’s hit’s had skyrocket up by 150%.

at about 5:00am that morning I started receiving visit after visit from random locations throughout the world and the only source for these hits was a link on lifehacker. To my surprise LifeHacker had just released a review of Bumptop and had posted some screen shots to coincide with the Beta 14 release of Bumptop. One of the links in the article was to my Bumptop review in early this year (as a beta tester) and well as you can see (below) my hits went through the roof.

The Bumptop Bump From lifehacker

Is lifehacker’s link going to send me into the stratosphere of important techno-chic-bloggers … umm … no, but I’ll have a bigger Google return … and to be honest it feels cool to know that all these people looked at my hack illustration and design skills. To subsequently turn away and forget about the old site

So what’s the moral of this story for other bloggers out there?

1) When you promise to do a redesign, make sure you follow through with it. who knows when you’re going to be linked and when people are going to see your out of date design and make a passing judgment on your site and expertise.

2) Take chances and follow-up with contacts.

I took a chance with Anand’s Bumptop application. I also took a chance by writing a little review of the app. Initially a dozen or so people found out about Bumptop and I was pretty happy to give it my thumbs up. But a few month’s later a few hundred people have read the same article and a little more buzz has been fostered. Bumptop looks better in the eyes of the public and my site’s got a bit more traction.

A nice little win-win for each of us.

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BumpTop Love Tuesday May 27, 2008

Update: Bumptop is now live. Go out and purchase yourself a copy of this amazing app.

First and foremost, I’m a Luddite and a minimalist when it comes to computers, technology and new software gadgets. I’m probably the only Graphic Designer not using a Mac and still pushing pixels through XP. It took me four years to get an iPod and I’m still working with Creative Suite 2. I like my taskbar to have less than three icons on it and I can’t stand personal pictures as desktop wall papers. It’s got to be clean, slick and minimal for my archaic tastes.

So when I heard of Anand Agarawala sweet love child of a creation BumpTop, I was some what skeptical. I’m not a fan of organizational gadgets, but Anand’s a solid man and I trust he wouldn’t be frontin no garbage.

Therefore I went into the beta test version with a fairly open mind, but somewhat skeptical. Therefore I find it really interesting that I absolutely love this application. In fact I’d called it Freaking Spectacular-spectacular!

First off here is my usual desktop. Plain, cluttered and filled with downloads. (Embedded iTune tracks, shortcuts, etc.,) It’s a mess and it drives me up the wall. I try vigorously to keep it clean; but when your constantly downloading fonts, zipped files, and badly named client files the clutter tends to build.

… And here’s the same desktop via the BumpTop interface.

Besides the crisper look, I found that Bumptop actually improves the functionality of my desktop. I know it sounds weird, but it’s true.

First and foremost, Bumptop allows users to pile files in cool like stacks. As you cans see, I was able to replace the cluttered groups of Zips and Itunes tracks and neatly pile them in the top right hand corner of the screen. Next Bumptop also transforms any image files on your desktop into little thumbnails. While that might seem like a bit of a pain, it does a fantastic job in deciphering those annoying JPGs that always seem to pile up on my desktop. (Plus as you can see I’ve add a cute pictures of Merlin and Caitlin to the walls of my desktop). In my work, I constantly run into organizational problems when downloading 15-20 stock photos from istock. With such creative files names as Istock001020102.jpg for each photo, having a thumbnail preview can greatly reduce organizational time and confusion.

Probably the most fun and entertaining feature of BumpTop is the actual physics of the application. After a bit of use, you really start adjusting to the properties of BumpTop’s flowing icons. Getting lost in swinging files around and sliding them into neat piles. It’s fun and actually a bit productive. After a while it just becomes a naturally human way to organize your desktop.

Anyways, I could go on about the cool little features of BumpTop, but you can find them at other sites. Plus I thought these two little functional examples would go a long way in describing it’s greatness. So the main question is do I still use BumpTop?

Simple Answer – A resounding yes!

I mentioned it before, but I’m not a fan of change or gadgets. So after testing it out for a few hours, I tried to remove it from automatically loading on my desktop. But it quickly grew on me. To the point that I run it continuously.

It’s great application, in which I can see beginner (i.e your fragile old mum) and expert users (pixel pushers) utilizing to better organize their desktops. It’s still in beta mode so I anticipate some correction to a couple transparency issues and some compatibility changes. But on a whole Bumptop is a fantastic little app.

If your interested in beta testing it send go to the main BumpTop site and sign-up.

P.S. Anand I still covet those IHeartNE T-shirts man.

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