Summer of 2012: The Summer That Wasn't Friday September 21, 2012

It’s been about three weeks since we landed in Ottawa and set-up shop a couple blocks from the Rideau Canal. As we start to set-up a routine and explore the city we’ll now call home for the next couple of years, it’s hard to not reflect back on the Summer of 2012… or the summer that wasn’t.

As many know, our story goes that in December 2009, my wife and I were all set to marry. Three days before our wedding, my wife was accepted to George Mason University in Arlington VA. One thing led to another and we were whisked away to Washington spend two and a half great years living in the political heart of America. I probably will never be able to verbally describe the experience that was the district, but at the same time it was hard not to feel as though circumstances forced us to leave our hometown a little too soon. I know this may sound like a bit of a first world problem, but it’s always hard to leave home, especially hard when it’s abrupt and sudden.

So while packing up our lives and departing Washington for Calgary this summer was a bit of a bittersweet moment for us, we also had an image that those months in Calgary would allow us to reconnect with the friends and family that we had left back home – to have a simple two months. Of course, we didn’t have grandiose plans of extravagance for our return, as we were barely able to crawl back to Calgary on the skin of our teeth, but we were looking to recapture our breath and to hang out with the close friends we missed in DC.

… and of course, that didn’t really happen.

Outside forces had other plans, mainly my father’s unexpected heart attacks. And while life happens and it’s never something that any man can control, at the end of the day I can’t seem to shake the underlying feeling of being cheated out of the Summer of 2012 – and it’s been eating at me for a few weeks.

I understand that at age thirty the carefree nature of my youth is something that will never again happen, father time reminds me of that, but at the same time after two years of living as a non-resident alien in a foreign country, life does take it’s toll. So in a sense we hoped our time in Calgary would allow us to recharge in the familiarity of friends and the city – but such is life.

So I do want to apologize to all the people back in Calgary I didn’t get a chance to spend more time with or the people I didn’t get a chance to reconnect with or my new friends I didn’t get a chance to meet face-to-face. It was far from anything personal, but completely controlled by circumstance. So to everyone my sincere apologizes – we’ll catch up again under better conditions. And as always, if you’re ever in the Ottawa region our house is always open, so do drop by and say hello.

… and with that off my chest the c.t.overdrive is officially back. Posting will recommence and you can expect my wit and odd ball humour to fill your RSS feeds.

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