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The Adventure 2012 Sunday December 30, 2012

Well, well, well, what do we have here?

With the closing of 2012 around the corner we have another year in the bag and I have more grey hairs from father time. And with all traditions, it’s time for the seventh edition of The Adventures Post!

As with the past seven years, The Adventures Post is where I lists the cities I’ve spent one or more nights in over the past year. The idea is completely stolen borrowed from and has been a constant staple on the old c.t.overdrive. Think of it as an outside of the box year in review post.

2012 was without question one of the oddest years in many ways. It was a bittersweet year with more downs than up. We left another city and group of friends that meant so much to us, for a new adventure in a different part of the continent. We also had a massive scare this summer with my father, which makes me thankful that he’s still kicking around to share in our future success. Overall the closing of 2012 couldn’t come sooner and things in 2013 are already starting to look-up.

So without further adieu my year in cities.

1. Calgary, AB *
2. Washington, DC *
3. Somewhere near Morgonstown, West Virginia *
4. Washington, DC *
5. Calgary, AB *
6. Washington, DC *
7. Calgary, AB *
8. Washington, DC *
9. Baltimore, MD *
10. Washington, DC *
11. Wilkes-Barrie, PA
12. Stittsville, ON *
13. Calgary, AB *
14. Ottawa, ON *

As you can see there was a lot of travel in 2012. Unfortunately most of it revolved around ferrying back between Calgary, Washington and Ottawa for work, my wife’s schooling and of course moving. But alas 2012 is in the record books so upward and onward.

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