Thirty Plus Two Monday June 4, 2012

So today is my thirty second birthday.

And with it, I’m planning on celebrating a bitter sweet milestone.

No, no, there’s nothing to worry about in regards to turning 32, but this week signifies our final few days in Washington D.C. and the first steps towards moving to Ottawa at the end of the summer. So I plan on spending the day in a similar vein to last year, with the ritual watching of Aliens, possibly a free breakfast at IHOP, and of course my free Starbucks birthday drink (And for the record 16 year old c.t.overdrive is not impressed with my selling out).

In previous years, I tried to spew out some wisdom on my birthday, you know the typical stuff that a 28 or 29 year old thinks that they know about life. But in hind sight sometimes it’s a bit embarrassing to look back on one’s own advice. Sure at the time you sounded smart, but a couple years later you only realize how adorably naive you once looked. But alas that’s all apart of getting old and adding a few more grey folicals to one’s head.

So rather than dwelling on the bitter sweetness of my birthday, the end of one chapter and the beginning of a new one and of course the dreaded cross-country u-haul trip; I’ll ignore my own advice from a paragraph ago and leave you with the completely fabricated Irish saying that has gotten us through the past few years as something to chew on today:

The Good Lord, he works in mysterious ways

So with that, I hope June 5th treats you well and what better way to kick it off than some a nostalgic trip to the 90s.

(P.S. After looking at that old scouts photo, it truly is a miracle that some one married that scraggly hair kid)

Update: Gotta share this tweet, because the link is perfect.

Happy Birthday... Chest Bursting Excitement.

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