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A little over two and a half years ago, I revealed that my wife had been accepted into the Masters program at George Manson University’s Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolutions. I talked about the excitement of the move and all the emotions that came with leaving Calgary for the capital of the United States.

Well, now it’s time for another change.

As of this month, my wife accepted a full scholarship to Carleton Universities’ prestigious Communications Ph.D program. My wife won’t admit this, but this is an incredible feat, with only five to seven students admitted each academic year. In essence, it’s the culmination of two and a half years of struggle, hard work, and amazing support from our friends and family. It is a fantastic opportunity for my wife who will be able to take her current passion for social media and political upheaval, to the next level in the academic world.

As with the move to Washington in 2009-10, this move is just as emotional. On one level, we’ve absolutely fallen in love with The District; with all it’s warts, insanity and unbridled electricity. Washington DC is an amazing city. Yes, people love to say it’s a second rate step child of New York, but DC truly is in a league of it’s own. Whether it’s wandering through Chinatown with Caps fans, slumming it at RFK to see DC United, stumbling along U-Street to get a Ben’s Chilli Dog before heading to the Black Cat or spending an afternoon walking down the mall – the city really is like no place on earth.

Yet on the other hand, as a couple, we’re extremely tired. I don’t mean on the level of we don’t sleep enough, eat horribly, don’t get enough exercise and are far too busy… wait… on second thought, actually I do mean that. Washington is an incredibly high paced city. But I also mean tired in a way that many will never understand. The past two and a half years have been amazing, but we’ve also grown weary of Gluten Free Mac N’ Cheese and Ham sandwiches for dinner. I won’t delve into it too much, but as visitors to this fine country it’s been a constant struggle and the financial pressures have been quite difficult to deal with. As a couple we contemplated staying in Washington, but the allure of a more stable and simplistic transition back to Canada won out.

This isn’t a formal farewell to Washington, much as Calgary will never be out of the picture, but for the time being the allure of universal health care and a more enticing environment for entrepreneurship is too much to pass up. We’ve spent the past two years taking advantage of the amazing opportunities that DC has provided us. We understand that some of the things we’ve done during our stint here would never have happened if we didn’t move across the continent. In turn being in DC has allowed us to grow as couple professionally and emotionally. So as my wife promised the Honourable Brian Mulroney last year, we are indeed taking our brains back to Canada.

So What’s Next For The c.t.overdrive

I know I’ve rambled on about my wife and our decision, and a few of you may be wondering what’s in store for me.

First off, for those who knew me in Jr. High and High School will find the connection between Calgary, Washington and Ottawa hysterical. Just for shits and giggles, I might have to resurrect the ratty Sens cap from it’s diseased ridden coffin. But on a more serious note, we couldn’t be more excited to for this next step.

Some of you may remember my video blog post two years ago, where I talked about my intentions for my tenure in DC. I was planning to use these two years, to really refine my craft and my career. Luckily for me I was able to do that and more. Not only am I a more confident designer and entrepreneur, but I’ve also been exposed to a new and engaging element of my industry. I’ve had the chance to take in some amazing conferences and talks, heck I’ve even had the opportunity to speak in front of High School kids and University Students on my work as a web designer, investor and mini-entrepreneur. So in essence, DC has been the perfect elixir for my career.

But now we’re moving back to Canada and as a 32 year old man, it’s time to take the shackles off and lay the bricks for a solid future.

Frequent readers will have noticed a dramatic change in my content on the site . It’s true that the political climate of Washington has infected me. And how could it not, I’ve always been a very politically engaged citizen, but by being immersed in the political hot bed of western society it was inevitable that it would take over. And in a way, being in Washington has made me even more passionate about Canadian politics. In a way, by seeing the pitfalls that has engulfed the American political climate, I am far more motivated to do what I can to help thwart this inevitable notion in my home country. Canada is a fantastic country, but one slowly being dragged down into a world of complacency and apathy. An element which is critically disappointing when it comes to the fundamentals of democracy.

The company made it’s first volley into the political realm last year and with, we’ve made a more public declaration. The opportunity to move to Ottawa only further goes to solidify this decision. I’m not sure entirely which path I will take, the company will still continue to play a bit part in our lives. But the direction and focus may shift from solely web work to political campaigns and the world of web data both in Calgary and Ottawa (another huge benefit to moving back to Canada). Similar to what I’ve been able to do in Washington, I am planning to leverage my time in Ottawa to reach out on a federal and local political level… and with that who knows what lies ahead… might be nice to see the Turner name on a yard sign one day.

Either way, it’s an exciting time for the Turners. Yes, we are again leaving a city we absolutely love, with people and a lifestyle we won’t let slip away. But it’s on to a new adventure and the next stage in our lives. As Calgary has formed an element of our personalities, so to has Washington.

So in two months, it’s goodbye DC.

Herrrrrow Blottawa!

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