Football Wives Monday June 12, 2006

The madness that is the World Cup has swept through my apartment. But just to prove I’m not the only one going insane, I present to you today’s front page article from the English Trash newspaper the Sun.

Football Wives go Wild

Yes, the font page of a British national newspaper (tabloid) showing the drink tally for a bunch of sloppy football wives.

Oh the Scandal!

Oh the Sensationalism!

But, I must admit Mr. Lampard’s wife is a bit of a spicy little minx!

Sure this really isn’t a true indication of the rest of the world (and is only on the front page of the news, because of a certain television show called Football wives, just happens to be popular in England), but it does show the extreme nature of the rest of the world’s obsession with their football. Plus it dwarfs my current obssesion and makes me feel like a better man.

Alright, so back to my rant. Yes, I have become one of the millions of people absolutely obsessed with the World Cup. I curse when the ball goes sailing over the bar. I swear at the television when a blatant call is missed. I sleep on the couch, because setting my alarm at 5:00am is apparently insane.

Anyways, Saturday was a wonderful day to be a football fan in Canada. For the first time (in Canada) TSN & Sportsnet are actually showing every single game. That’s right kiddies, three straight matches of world cup coverage, starting at 6:30am ending at 3:00pm. Almost 8 solid hours of football goodness! Then they repeat each game on both Sportsnet and TSN. Hellajulla!!

I found myself watching the entire Argentina – Ivory Coast game, wondering when the Ivory Coast Team would show up and when this Cote D’Ivory team would sit down. Apparently, I should have paid a little more attention in Grade 7 French class. Then yesterday I sat draped in my Luis Figo jersey, cursing the Portogezzers and their ridiculous tendency to over exaggerate every tackle. They play like they’re controlled by some sort of sadistic Robaxacet Puppeteer. Every time an Angola player breezed by them, there they were rolling on the ground as if they’d been shot. Come on! You’re grown men and the Muppet didn’t even touch you with that tackle!!!

Luckily, I’m not the only one in North America obsessed with the Beautiful Game as there are a slew of neat articles and photos floating around the old blogosphere. (I hate that term) Like this one, explaining why most Brazilians (and some Portogezzers) only have one name. Or these Flickr Images from Australia’s 3-1 triumph over the land of the Rising Sun.

If you can’t tell, content for the next little while might revolve around the World Cup. I apologize and thing will revert back to normal once England loses to Germany on penalties.

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