The Adventures 2011 Friday December 30, 2011

Oh hello there. You probably thought I had forgotten about playing another edition of The Adventures. I know, I know, I’ve been out of it for a while

So without further delay, welcome to the sixth edition of The Adventures Post! As with the past 6 years, The Adventures Post is where I lists the cities I’ve spent one or more nights in over the past year. The idea is completely stolen borrowed from and has been a bit of a staple on the old c.t.overdrive.

And yes, I understand that flaunting the cities I’ve traveled to is a bit egotistical, as I know travel is something of a luxury for many. But it’s also a good way to look at the year in retrospective. And for once, my Adventures are actually quite lame this year, which only goes to show the ebb and flow of travel.

Needless to say, although relatively quiet on the adventures front, 2011 was an interesting year. In our new adopted second home, we survived Thundersnow, A mini-snowpocalypse, an Earthquake, and a Hurricane. We also had the pleasure of being in Washington when the news that Osama Bin Laden was killed broke, saw the Egyptian, Tunsian and Lybian revolutions unfold, watched three congressional dramas push the US to the brink, watched Anthony Weiner torpedoed his career by tweeting his weiner and witnessed the Occupy Wall Street movement explode right in our own backyard. It’s been an incredible year and easily one that I’ll never forget.

But 2012 calls kids and more changes are in store for the overdrives… onwards and upwards.

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