Random Thoughts For Jack Bauer Friday June 16, 2006

I think I’ve stumbled across a new personal manifesto: The What The Fuck Would Jack Bauer Do manifesto.

See, I like what Josh is getting at with his post about J.B and being everything he’s not, but it also occured to me that there’s some validity in make lifestyle decisions based on J.B.’s philosophy. Just imagine all the sticky situations you could get yourself into and then simultaneously out of? Simple daily tasks would be far more hilarious. Take a simple shopping decision between picking up OJ or Milk. You could debate the nutritional content of each one and make an informed decision or you could ask yourself WTFWJBD? And then ten minutes later you’d find yourself addicted to heroin and drowning a grocery clerk in the frozen steak section, because he looks like a terrorist. It’s a certain recipe for hilarity.

Alright I’ll get on with it.

First – I finally got off my ass and purchased the second season of HBO’s Entourage on DVD.
(Sidenote: To all the HMV executives out there why is season two 15 dollars cheaper than season one? Just a question.) Yes, it is a fantastic show. A Swingers for the younger generation. Hell there’s even a well placed Vegas reference in the Second Episode of Season 2. Plus if anything Jeremy Piven’s portrayal of Ari the maniacal power agent, steals the entire show. It’s a role destined for Vince Vaughn, but Piven nails it.

Second – Welcome to Mr. Picassohead. A neat little web application which lets you draw your very own Pablo Picasso portrait.

Third – You’ll notice I have added a few more blogs to the Blogroll section of this site. I’ve removed Thought Mechanics, as it’s lost some of it’s initially lure. I have replaced it with three other blogs: Blogberty, Mark Cuban’s Maverick’s Blog and Cool Hunter.net.

Fourth – A site Douglas Coupland would be proud of. Check out the great Canadian Design Resource.
Item one on the agenda the poster from the 1970 Calgary Exhibition and Stampede. Very neat.

Fifth – Hear-hear Mr. Kottke! I couldn’t agree with you more.

Sixth, Sixth, Sixth – I was at a friend’s office and I was re-introduced to Coheed and Cambria. I had almost forgotten how much I adore their brand of melodramatic-heavy-metal-satanic-comic-book rock, especially the guitar licks in the song Suffering. (Wow! Look at that string of adjectives; it has more in common with a horrendous Tony Hawk combo than the English language! Rock, Rock on!)

Seventh – England crusied to a delicious 2-nil victory over the Soca Warrios yesterday. Low and behold Mr. Roboto popped in the winner.

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