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Random Thoughts For FIFA 2012 vs. Steve Nash vs. BTTLS Friday October 7, 2011

If you’re unfamiliar with Steve Nash’s background, you probably don’t know that Mr. Nash is a pretty accomplished soccer player. Turns out that back in the day he had a few offers to play soccer with the Canadian National team, but instead decided to turn them down to go to Santa Clare University. Because of which, he’s become the defacto poster child for the EA’s FIFA Soccer franchise in North America.

So with that tid bit, I present to you the latest FIFA 2012 commercial. Yes, a FIFA soundtrack featuring Steve Nash and a track from BTTLS (my favourite prog rock band) equals pure ctoverdrive delight.

You can also enjoy this one-on-one uber nerd battle between current soccer it girl Hope Solo and Steve Nash.

First – The United Pixel workers are back at it again. This time hand crafting a series of United Pixel Worker T-Shirts for all 50 States

Not gonna lie, I’ve got my eye on the Virginia one… because as everyone knows Virginia is for Hustlers.

Second – It’s not often that I get even remotely excited about Marching bands, but this University band from the university of Ohio in Ohio and then right outside of Ohio (or something like that) is pretty impressive. Especially, since it’s a cover of LMFAO’s guilt-free hit Party Rock. (Pssst. It starts slow but gets better)

Third – Michael Lewis, of a little book called Moneyball fame, has a new book out called Boomerang: Travels In The New Third World and it looks amazing.

FourthPoploser (aka. Tyler Herald) has started a Grantland-esque sports blog called Fifty Mission Cap. It has a great Canadian tinge to it and it is easily RSS Feed worthy.

Have I mentioned that I’m loving this renaissance in sports writing? No? Well, it’s amazing.

Fifth – Speaking of Grantland… did you know that the NBA basketball season should have started next week? Well, you know, if it wasn’t for that pesky little players strike.

It’s okay. Don’t be ashamed. I completely forgot about professional basketball and I live in a basketball market. But it looks like the only guys that haven’t really forgotten are Bill Simmons and Jay Kang from Grantland.

(BTW, if you make it through that entire renegade league rambling you deserve a special status on the Internet. I thought the article was really funny and even I couldn’t get through the reasoning behind the naming of the Kansas City Klondike Bars)

Sixth – Techland (which appears to be a Time’s bush league version of Wired) has a great article on the world’s greatest 404 page.

It comes from and it’s worth the watch.

Seventh – If it wasn’t a) 220 dollars and b) completely sold out, the new Deftones 15 year Vinyl collection would be number one with a bullet on my Christmas list.

Eighth – You can probably place this tidbit in the you know you are old when series of posts, but if anyone is looking for an amazing spice company (for slow cooking, BBQ, or making a 2 dollar piece of chicken taste like something), check out Calgary’s The Silk Road.

It’s a fairly new company, but they’ve been making some amazing headway locally and nationally. And I know talking about spices is about as lame as discussing baby formula or the latest children’s toy that is covered in arsenic , but hear me out.

These spices are amazing! just check out their Sea Salt Chili & Lime Seasoning and St. Laurent Steak Seasoning…. ummm salivating.

Ninth – Hey, I’m as guilty as anyone for lovin’ me some Daft Punk. That being said, does the world really need a limited edition Daft Punk collectable Coca-Cola bottle series?

Tenth – last and not least, one of the forefathers of the Hacker movement gives some quick opinions on the resent surge in hactivism.

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