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Random Thoughts For The BBoy Stance Tuesday September 27, 2011

Umm… Yeah this video from The Notorious IBE Championships is just… absolutely… sick.

That’s all I have to say. (Thanks to my new favourite site for the link)

First – I’ve actually never played any of the Fallout series , which is a shame because I hear that Fallout 3 is based around the District.

Anywho… even without playing the game or being an extreme fan boy, anyone can truly appreciate this handcrafted Fallout Monopoly Game board

Second – It’s been a while since Michael Moore has even appeared on my radar, but this excerpt from his new book – Here Comes Trouble – is pretty gut wrenching.

The agency protecting me had a threat assessment division. Their job was to investigate anyone who had made a credible threat against me. One day, I asked to see the file. The man in charge began reading me the list of names and the threats they had made and the level of threat that the agency believed each one posed. After he went through the first dozen, he stopped and asked: “Do you really want to keep going? There are 429 more.”

Regardless of your own personal take on the man, no one deserves that much hatred. (P.S. If you read the entire excerpt the story does turn out to be a positive)

Third – Umm… Keep this on the downlow, but Myp2p is now Wiziwig. If you are unsure of what that means, don’t worry about.

You’re probably not a broke sports fan.

Fourth – Umm… Retro World War Two Captain America promotional posters… don’t mind if I do.

Fifth – Oh geez, won’t someone think of the KIDS… and of course their ez-bake ovens.

What am I talking about?

Oh, sorry. Does anyone remember that earlier this year, during the middle of the budget crisis, the US Congress made the critical decision to ban incandescent light bulbs. Well… it looks like nobody thought about older versions of the Ez-Bake Oven. So, if you happen to have an Ez-Bake Oven in your garage, you better stock up on incandescent light bulbs or your going to be in trouble.

Sixth – You can all thank Cam Hoff for this heads-up. But just in case you were wondering how the Florida Marlins could possible come back from relative baseball obscurity, then you clearly underestimated the pure stupidity of the marketing department and their ability to create a branding disaster of such epic proportions.

Yes, that’s right, this is the new logo for the Marlins…

Two things to think about.

1) At least the London 2012/Lisa Simpson doing something inappropriate logo, has something to feel better about.

2) Remember when the Marlins were cool and were even featured in Seaquest:DSV… Oh yeah, those were the days.

Seventh – Well that was quick. It appears that the big Gooooogle machine is now throwing some of it’s immense lobbying funds towards Republican lobbyists.

From a political standpoint it makes sense. A big corporation like that does have to cover it’s bases. It’s just, that I kinda yearn for those days when they truly believed in the philosophy of do no evil.

Eighth – Speaking of Google… Well I guess they’re not completely evil.

Ninth – And because I probably destroyed your palette for decent Baseball logo redesigns, here’s a look at the new-old-new Toronto Blue Jays logo.

The best part about this logo is that it’s retro, but not in the horrible-pastel-shoulder-pads-miami-vice Florida Marlins sorta way.

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