Random Thoughts For The Mother of All Stampede Dogs Thursday July 14, 2011

And here you thought I was going to talk about the super dogs… Yeah, I know you did.

But alas, I’m talking about Tubby Dog and the infamous BUCK MCOY DOG.

Yes, kids this is all that is good, bad and awesome about the stampede, all rolled into one.

First – For all you budding iPhone Photogs out there, this list of must have photo apps for the iPhone. Please note that Instagram, my favourite love and hate app, is at the top of this list.

Second – You know, I really thought the corporations introduction of QR Codes in to Mike’s Bloggity Blog adverts was pretty cutting edge… Apparently I was wrong.

The Tescos Supermarket subsidiary in Korea, has incorporated augmented reality Grocery Shopping in a number of subway stations.

Bloody hell

(via. alfgoetz)

Third – Hey Calgary… The Food Trucks are a coming, the food trucks are a coming. And luckily for everyone they are kicking off with a bang, especially with two food trucks from Diner Deluxe and CHARCUT…. You are one lucky city, you sexy beast Calgary.

(P.S. In case you can’t wait, Fries N’ Dolls is already rolling around the city#.)

Fouth – Here, for your sportscastor obsession, is the unofficial soundboard of the Score’s legendary announcers… Tim McAllef and Sid Seixeiro.

Which happens to go really well with the old c.t.overdrive’s bush league Tim Mcallaf impersonation.

Fifth – I meant to post this about a month ago, but I just never got around to it. It is io9.com’s which Aliens movie are you survey? Which for me is easily, Aliens, with a giant dash of Fischer’s Alien 3.

Sixth – It’s a really shame that Julien Smith has slowed down on blogging.

Frankly, his posts are easily some of the best ‘motivational’ posts on the net. In particular, because of their unique frankness and the combination of their ‘balls to the wall’ attitude. If you have a moment, you should really read his latest post on why no one cares if you succeed or fail: or why [he] walked 500 miles barefoot

… At first, this [walking 500 miles] is depressing. “I did this epic thing and no one really cares.” But it isn’t that they don’t care at all– it’s that there’s no way for them to understand the epicness of the experience. The experience is unique and spans a week, a month, a year, or whatever, and it can’t be distilled into one sentence. It’s like a joke. You had to be there.

Seventh – Yes, yes, yes… TheHoodInternet takes one of my all time favourite Lupe Fiasco songs and cuts it perfectly with the Handsome Furs … You can thank me later.

Eighth – If you’ve been following my blog posts and flickr photos, you’ll have noticed a glowing trend. I’ve kinda taken to MLS Soccer. It’s not that I was never interested before, but with a couple of good friends who cheer for their own home teams (Portland, Toronto & New York) and DC United a few metro stops away, it’s kinda been my summer distraction.

If you haven’t heard about the Portland Timbers and the atmosphere going on in the Rose City, you have to check this article out from The Grantland.

It’s absolutely fantastic.

Maybe they realized that you can wear scarves and sing songs and warn one another about not interacting with the opposition support, lest there be some kind of throw-down in front of Powell’s. But for football to become football in America what you really need, most of all, is more games like that, more players like Montero and Marcelin, and more 3-2 thrillers in which one set of fans get their hearts broken. Because when you see something like that, even if you’re a Timbers fan, your heart might hurt. But you can’t really say you lost.

Ninth – True confession, I’m obsessed with the News Corp/News of The World fiasco in Britain. I’m sure you’ve all heard of it and if not, well I just feel bad for you. But this article from Boing, Boing on how Fox (Faux) News is handling the scandal is choice.

In particular, this video is great example of how peculiar this whole scandal is quietly becoming. Give it a watch and we’ll discuss the funniest part a bit later on.

Did you watch it? (Or at least see the Boing, Boing article and figure out the punchline?)

But how did CNN on the fact that she said I’m not going to touch that with a Ten Foot TURBAN.

Like, was it really so hard to say pole? Like really, you had to say Turban.

Tenth – In honour of the final episode, of what is the single greatest TV show to appear on primetime (and not watched by millions of people), Grantland has an oral history of Friday Night Lights.

(via. Poploser)

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Fourth: WHAT? Hahaha. So awesome.

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