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Random Thoughts For The Greatest Image Of All Time Sunday July 3, 2011

Alright, everyone has probably already seen this.

I know I’ve posted it at least a dozen of times since I stumbled upon it from… But it’s just too good not to officially post on the old c.t.overdrive.

I know it’s probably totally not appropriate, but hey, Happy Canada Day kiddies.

First – This come via JimBones, but it’s a fantastic sneak peak at the rebranding of Canada’s Olympic Team

My favourite part has to be the evolution of the Maple Leaf from 1920s to the 1970s. So there you guys go, there’s my Canada Day present.

Second – I featured this story and the game on the web site, but CBC Calgary has a great interview with Rob McCready (A brooks iPhone app developer) on the development of Infinity Control and his battle with the West Nile Disease.

If you want to hear an impressive story, please check out this interview from the CBC. Rob’s determination to get Infinity Control into the Apple iTunes store is a great inspiration.

Third – I love the new simplified versions of the Nashville Predators Branding, especially the fantastic new gold and blue colour scheme

Fourth – If I was about 10-12 years younger I’d be all over these Marvel Superhero Hoodies… Although, I’m pretty sure that the only one I might be able to pull off without looking like a complete Muppet is the Venom hoodie.

Fifth It’s fifty kids that are far cooler than you will ever be… Just like this kid. (NSFW)

Sixth – From what I can heard, of course only from a distance, Sled Island was a smashing success. Even better it appears that for the first time in a long time, the entire Olympic Plaza main stage was open to serve alcohol (i.e. no restrictive beer gardens)… Which is awesome news for the city.

Well done Calgary, we’re one step closer to being all grown ups.

Seventh – is back and with it, one of my favorite indie Canadian Darlings is featured – Montreal’s Winter Gloves.

Eighth – Because it’s the start of the Holiday/Party season, it’s Girl Talk’s Summer BBQ Mix. 140 odd tracks of rump shaking goodness.

Ninth – If you’ve ever read the site, you’ll know that I pretty much despise the daily coupon trend… well unless you’re company’s name is Living Social… but this sounds intresting. Yipit is a daily aggregratitor of all the Hyper-Coupons in your specific city. So instead of signing on to 6 different email chains you can instead, sign-up for Yipit and get access to dozens of coupon sites in your area.

See now that’s the thinking that will push the Coupon industry in the right direction.

Tenth – Found this via the Globe and Mail, but it’s the new ‘it’ Post Secret called “Dear Photograph”: You can read the incredible story via the Globe and Mail … or you could just look at this photo.

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