Random Thoughts For a Musical Interlude Sunday June 12, 2011

So June is always an awkward month.

Wait, wait, wait, not in that bad Republican Weiner sorta way…

But in the there is so much going on sorta way. Because of which, I thought I would simplify things. Therefore I’m throwing a curve ball in to the pattern and I’m going to do an entire Random Thoughts post on music.

So for your pleasure (and my laziness), please find below a series of random musical links.

First – Yes, you’ve heard the song… and heard it at numerous Flames games… and you’ve possibly even seen the make your own Duck Sauce Remix app, but here is the official video… and… unfortunatly, it’s actually really solid. (Plus, who can’t argue with cameos from Drew Barrymore, Kanye West and ?uestlove)

Second – Yes, this is made far funnier, by actually knowing someone from Portland, but yes this song from the show Portlandia – The Dream of 90s is hysterical.

Third – The HoodInternet, which I’ve probably featured on this site more times than I can bother to count, have released their 5th Mix Tape. One of the tracks on this mix tape is The Clipse (Virginia’s best kept musical secret) vs. Matt & Kim called Virginia is for Cameras.

Yeah, this is how we roll in Arlington… Sorta… Actually, not even close.

Fourth – Alright, if that’s a bit to hipster for your fancy, you can also check out the 8-Bit Zelda remix of Virginia.

Fifth – Of course, from the same HoodInternet mixtape, there is this haunting mash-up of The XX and DMX.

Sixth – This has nothing to do with music, but from a designer angle this series of Design Advice inspired Desktop wallpapers are fantastic.

Oh, yeah they’re also not really safe for work.

Seventh – Regardless of the outcome of tomorrow night (Monday), here’s a great story from Bill Simmons (one of America’s most influential sports writers) on why he’s re-fallen in love with the NHL. From a Hardcore Hockey fan standpoint, I find it fascinating to see how someone could go from being a solid fan to an occasional fan.

Eighth – So was it Dirk determination or was it the veteran experience of Jason Kidd and John Terry that propelled the Mavs to the NBA Championships? Or… maybe … just maybe it was all the High Fives and Ass grabbing?

Ninth – Well here’s a pretty interesting little cover, it’s Weezer take on Radiohead’s Paranoid Android.

21 year old c.t.overdrive would be losing his marbles over this concept… unfortunately, 31 year old c.t.overdrive isn’t really that excited.

Tenth – And last but not least, let’s finish this off with some live QOSTA … Shall we. Yes, let’s do it.

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