Thirty Plus One Sunday June 5, 2011

Well, well, well, it looks like the old c.t.overdrive is starting to get in to fossil territory.

Yes, today is my 31st year on this fine planet of ours. In past years, I’ve outlined a long list of things I’ve learned over the years or waxed poetically about life and cherishing the moment. So what to do this year?

Well, how about explaining why I watch James Cameron’s classic Aliens on my birthday.

As anyone who grew up in the Rideau/Roxboro/Elbow Park area of Calgary in the late 80s will testify, the movie Aliens was a bit of a sub culture hit. I can’t think of single boy who grew up in that region that didn’t know the words off by heart.

And of course a shout out to the Chomiak family is in order for. Thank you for introducing a blood-ridden R-rated movie to a group of young impressionable minds at the tender age of 10. Parents today just aren’t as cool as you guys were.

I’ve seen this movie at least 160 times over my life time and I would venture to say I’m not alone in this. It’s a classic and it really is the perfect movie. Aliens, Marines, Harsh Language, Androids & Knives, A Weird Cat, Airlocks, The heart-pounding Industrial score, Those nightmare inducing scanners and of course Bill Paxton’s most glorious of death scenes.

It’s a legend in so many ways.

When I was teenager I would watch it all the time, but as father time time crept on, I would have less time and too many excuses to not watch it. Things like university, work and adulthood kept devouring my free time and it became more difficult to sit back for 3 hours to enjoy the doomed fate of my favourite group of bad-ass Marines.

So a few years ago, I decided that instead of always talking about watching my favorite movie of all time, I’d do something about it. I decreed that on my birthday, from now until 2064, I’d take the 3 hours to sit back and take time out to relive the past… To take things back to the basics and remember simpler times.

So about 6 years ago I started waking up each birthday, shutting down my work email and watching Aliens with a tall frosty sugar-induced beverage. And it’s a tradition I have cherished ever since.

With that I hope you enjoy the day and do something fun for yourself, I know I will.

(P.S. shout out to Mr. Rennie for the Aliens link.)

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