Random Thoughts For Minnesota Hipsters Friday May 20, 2011

So… have a guess which city is apparently the most hipster place in North America? Who do you think?

Would it be Vancouver? Would it be Montreal? Would it be Columbia Heights in DC? Or could it possibly be New York? The supposed home of the hipster movement.

Well if you guessed anything other than the massive hint in the title you’d be wrong.

Yes, it appears that Minnesota is the capital of the Hipster culture. Yes, and of course the article is severely flawed, but at least DC is the sixth most hipster-ish place in America… Which might explain my growing bitterness towards new music…

(thanks to laughingsquid for the video)

First – Okay, so I’m clearly I’m late to the TOMS Shoe bandwaggon, but I must have these TOMS shoes. Seriously, these look like the most comfortable pair of shoes ever.

Second – I’m not sure how exactly I stumbled upon this, but this series of Street Fighter Facebook updates slays me… Mostly because I’m a sucker for Facebook-update humour. (P.S. Not really safe for work)

Third – I’m sure if they replaced those horrendous blue recycling bins with these babies, recycling in at least 30% of North American homes would triple.

Side note” you’d probably also see a 45% increase if you changed these cans to either a shirtless Jacob or Jabba The Hut.

Fourth – Although, John Stewart and Stephen Colbert already lampooned the hell out of this story, the fact that Common’s visit to the White House caused so much controversy is hysterical.

Fifth – Blame my cousins for subjecting me to Duran, Duran and Culture Club as a wee child… Or blame myownbiggestfan for his live-tweeting of the event on Sunday, but either way this song by Jedward from Ireland’s submission in the 2011 Eurovision contest hasn’t left my head for about a week now.

Sixth – Finally the worlds most important Hamburger article you’ll ever read. Yes, the epic final showdown between In-N-Out, Five Guys, and Shake Shack.

I’ve only had 2/3rds of the burgers in this epic battle, but I’ve got to say Five Guys wins hands down… although news that Shake Shack is Gluten-Free is pretty epic and might sway my loyalties.

Seventh – So remember that hit television show “$@#! My Dad Says”?


… Yes, not even Billy Shatner could help the horrible CBS travesty… Anyways, here’s how the creator Justin Halpern broke the news to his father that the show was canceled. Which is subsequently far funnier conversation than anything the T.V. show ever produced.

Eighth – With most of my musical friends raving about the new Bon Iver album, I just want to point out that Calgary’s Chad Vangaalen (a.k.a the gentle giant) has released his latest record Diaper Island, which is getting some rave reviews. Just incase you were looking for some new music to check out.

Ninth – One of my favorite local DC/Arlington companies, JESS3, has done an interesting job of introducing C-SPAN to the realm of Foursquare.

Tenth – And last but not least it is official kids, the Atlanta Thrashers are relocating to Winnipeg… Which I called (with the generous help of insider from Calgary Puck).

Eleventh – Alright one more… Because where would the world be with out another series of steampunk Star Wars posters.

Twelfth – Alright, this is the final post. I swear to god. But if anyone knows me, you’ll understand that of all of the DC teams I can’t stand the Wizards.

Truth be told, I’ve spent more time making fun of them than paying attention to anything they do. A combination of the fact that I’m a life long hockey fan and I’ve never fully achieved a level of appreciation for Basketball (albeit for brief love-affairs with the Mavs & Kings in the early 2000s) or maybe it’s just the fact that the Wizards branding and colour scheme was a notorious joke.

But with the Capitals owner, TedLeonsis, now at the helm of the Wizards things are starting to look up. First step a new branding scheme and logo redesign.

Even though I still dislike this team, you gotta love the alignment of the Wizards new colours with Ted’s major property the Capitals. Plus the secondary logos are sharp as all hell.

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