Stevie Segal + Chickens + A Tank Monday May 16, 2011

We have a twisted sleep schedule. Completely twisted.

Because of which, I like to turn on one of the local news channels in the morning as we try to get our bearings and figure out what’s going to happen for the day. Typically I watch NBC Washington, as it’s that perfect combination of local news update (i.e. somebody getting shot) and A-Channel-esque morning show. But this morning I turned the channel to CBS… Which apparently shows Inside Edition in the mornings.

Now I was half a sleep listening to this drivel, when a segment came on describing how a man in Arizona was suing Steven Segal (Yes, THAT Steven Segal) for excessive force. The reported stated, that Segal rode a tank into his house while the local sheriff department was doing a raid on a supposed Cockfighting ring. Apparently, the plaintiff claimed that this was a use of excessive force, because Segal rode the tank into the man’s property and then they killed 120 of the chickens.

Clearly this guy hasn’t seen Under Siege 2: Dark Territory, because he would know that old Stevie never does anything in an excessive manner.

Of course, please note that I was a half a sleep when I heard this on the news. So it took me about a full hour to really understand the situation.

And as any rational person would do, I had to Google it to see if it was true…

And yes, this story is true and as weird as it sounds.

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