Golden Graph: How To Write Ridiculously Long Papers Relating Economic Trends and Football. Wednesday June 7, 2006

On Sunday, while arguing the validity of waking up at 6:00am to watch England vs. Paraguay at the Ship and Anchor. I was asked why the World Cup was so important? And why millions of rational people became so ravenous every four years?

Usually I explain about the joy of connecting to your background, heritage or family. The connection I get to experience between my old man and myself. Sometimes I try and explain how international rivalries transpire to the pitch to heighten the intensity of the match. (See England vs. Argentina, England vs. Germany, or pretty much England vs. Anyone) Sometimes I just point how delicate of a game Football can be, where one small play can dramatically change the entire game.

But now some Economists went and ruined it all. Instead of relaying my passion for the World Cup to people, all I need to do is point to a series of economic studies. It turns out the World Bank has released a list of studies regarding the Economic Effects of the World Cup on Countries.
Check out some of these titles:

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