Life in The District Wednesday May 4, 2011

One of the things I have tried and ultimately failed at doing since moving to Washington, is to explain how absurd and surreal this city is. Whenever we have visitors it’s the warning I always give them and there is an overwhelming agreement that this city is unreal by the end of their stay.

Now nothing explains this feeling, more than how the events of Sunday unfolded.

So my wife and I had the cool opportunity to take in the Sweetlife Festival, an all day music and food showcase put on by a local salad chain. That in itself was memorable and fun. We got to see Girl Talk, Lupe Fiasco and The Strokes in this amazing outdoor venue – while mocking all the Hipsters in DC and enjoying some delicious gluten free cupcakes. That in itself was a DC moment … as we like to call them.

To get there we had to rent a car, as the Merrieweather pavilion is a quick 40 minute drive (or 3 state) drive from our humble home. On the trip home, at about 10 o’clock, we drove past Chinatown and the Verizon center to watch as hundreds of disappointed caps fans stumbled out into the streets. We got stuck in traffic for a bit and finally arrived at our apartment, unpacked our rental car and started to unwind.

Minutes later Twitter exploded.

News that Osama bin Laden had leaked.

At first it didn’t really sink in. It was sorta like okay, that’s cool. But moments later people started cheer and erupting into jubilation, things finally started to sink. We turned on CNN and watch President Obama address the nation from the White House, a handful of miles away from our quite little apartment and a place we had just passed on our way home.

At that point it all started to come together, here we were two Canadians sitting at one of the epi-centers of this memorable event. The Pentagon, which we pass on a weekly basis as it’s also where we get groceries, was packed with activity. The White House, which we had just driven by had transformed in to an impromptu celebration, with George Washington undergrads flowing on to the streets from their dorm rooms. (Most of these kids have never really understood a world with out Osama. They’ve spent 50% of their lives living with the fear and anger towards this man – hence the Sugar Ray-esque party vibe).

And as we sat there, we just sat in silence, thinking of how surreal this all was.

It’s one thing to have these moments in a different city or a foreign country to reflect on what happened. Hell, I remember the morning I woke up before class to watch the Second Tower fall. It was surreal and crazy, but there was still a bit of detachment. But to have these moments unravel around you at locations that you use as references for grocerie stores or as favorite coffee shops, is unimaginably different.

Frankly, It’s odd.

It’s been an incredible time to live in this city. We’ve seen a Tea Party rally, the John Stewart rally, the rise of a revolutionary Middles East, a near full on Government shutdown and we’ve had the opportunity to meet some illustrious people – including former heads of state (i.e. The Honorable Brian Mulroney). Well to be honest, my wife has, I really only hang out at Baseball stadiums.

Either way, this city is an experience and it’s one that’s indescribable. In a city where so much happens, it was more than just another simple Sunday.

It was one of those where were you moments.

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Nothing wrong with hanging out at baseball stadiums!

Cam Hoff · May 4, 02:18 pm · #permalink


Oh nothing at all… except when it’s the dreaded team that devoured the expos. ;)

cto · May 9, 03:54 pm · #permalink

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