Random Thoughts For Watching Out, Because of Course It's a Trap Sunday April 17, 2011

Thank God these haven’t migrated to The District… yet. Because we all know that American Spirits are my weakness.

First – So after attending my first DC United game last weekend, I’ve started to get really excited about the Major League Soccer. Since I don’t really have an allegiance to one team, I thought I’d offer up my allegiance to any team on twitter a couple of days ago. More importantly stating that my allegiance was clearly for sale.

So it is now a couple days later and some people have made some strong cases. I’ve got some great points about cheering for The Vancouver WhiteCaps and also a strong contingency of people suggesting DC United. (Including a bribe which I’m eager to see). But one of the teams making a strong case is the Portland Timbers.

It also helps that one of our close friends (Mr. English), is a ravenous Portland Timbers supporter. But have you seen the marketing campaigns coming out of the Timbers’ camp? Besides the amazing Timbers Axe game (which is a great app), they have some of the best sports marketing I’ve seen in a longtime. Don’t tell me this doesn’t send chills down your spine after watching this video.

Second – Yes, this link is tied to the Washington Political fishbowl, but if you’re at all interested in American politics (or just need someone to make you believe that there is hope for the future), you have to start following Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner.

Better yet, just check out this list of his top ten twitter hashtags.

BTW, yes his last name is Weiner. Which in this case, might be why he’s such a badass. If you’re gonna go into Politics with the last name Weiner, you’ve gotta have some balls.

Third – Oooo. Shepard Fairey taking aim at the Koch Brothers... Oh yes, count me in.

Fourth – This is fantastic and some kudos are in order. But X92’s Newsboy Callson has prompted Alberta’s big brewery’s to create a locally brewed gluten-free beer.

Which could be the single greatest challenge to hit Alberta… Now if only someone could create a Non-Alcoholic Gluten-Free Beer I’d be in heaven… Trust me there is a market… Sure it’s a market of one, but there is a market.

Fifth – Yeah, I know I’m late to the game. Blame it on the lack of Random Thoughts last week, but this has to be posted.

It’s the new Beastie Brother’s teaser trailer for their new record, staring pretty much everyone from the Frat Pack.


Sixth – Infographics and discussion on the revitalization of American cities… Count me in. FastCo.‘s look at the the new influx of population growth in some unlikely areas

Seventh – See now this… this is how the publishing world will continue to survive… with beautiful product design like these classics for Barnes & Noble

P.S. I must have the The Dorian Gray book.

Eighth – This disturbs me to no end…

So what does that look like to you? Another horrible, horrible Ed Hardy t-shirt? Well you’d be correct, if weren’t also a customized World of Warcraft Clan T-Shirt.

That’s right people the Jersey Shore Dbags & The Mega-Nerds are combing in some sort of Voltron-esque robot of… I … I … have no idea. But either way run for the hills.

Ninth – I think I am cursed with Kickstarter. It’s true. It seams that every single time I find an amazing project to help fund… like the Chromatic: Crossroads of Color & Music Project … I’m always two days late on the ending date to help fund. FAHK

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