Random Thoughts For Wanting To See The Christian Bale Tirade Re-Edit Friday April 1, 2011

I’m not sure what’s more freighting, how well done this edit syncs up with the Dark Knight or the fact that those aren’t the same My Little Pony characters that I remember.

P.S. In my defense, my little sister made me watch My Little Pony all the time.

First – A Tale of two cities? Toronto’s new mayor Rob Ford – shirtless and adorned in his boxers on the cover of local rag NOW Magazine... and Naheed Nenshi – featured in the New York Times.

Ha… Ha… Stupid Toronto.

Second – DC’s world famous Cheery Blossom festival has had to revamp their peak of the peak blossom festival dates. It appears that the unseasonably spring weather has messed up the Cherry Blossom dates.

Third – In honor of Greybeard’s return to the Flames line-up after a year off from a horrific critical neck injury… Reason 521 why I love this guy. (FFWD to 0:42)

FourthAnd yes, I do know that I grew up as an only child.

Fifth – In honor of Opening Day of the baseball season, ESPN takes a look at all of the jersey updates for the 2011 season. Funnily enough the Washington Nationals still have some of the worst jerseys out there.

Sixth – Oh GoDaddy, you’re so funny. You release an early April Fools day joke showing your CEO killing an elephant... Ha, you guys kill me, sure you provide one of the worst online services in the industry and you’re superbowl campaigns are pathetic at best. But at least you have a dark and twisted sense of humor.

What, what do you mean this isn’t a joke.

Okay that’s just f$%ked up.

Seventh – And continuing with the spirit of opening day of America’s pastime, there is a new app that allows you to bet on what’s happening during a baseball game.

Now that’s an app I can support, especially if it turns out to be the elixir that allows me to sit past the seventh inning stretch at a Nationals home game… which I haven’t been able to do yet. (via. djkelly)

Eighth – Brazil’s most popular Twitter account is RafinhaBastos and he makes $4,000 a tweet.

How’s that for entrepreneurship.

Ninth – I’m sure you’ve figured it out already, but it’s April Fools today. To celebrate Boing Boing has the full list of Internet practical jokes. (I’m very partial to Hulu and Grooveshark’s pranks)

Tenth – Last but not least, my side project – yycapps has pushed past The 50 apps barrier.

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