Random Thoughts For A Day of Travesty Friday June 9, 2006

There’s a little town called Latrobe in the beautiful state of Pennsylvania. This little town, is very quaint and is probably the last secret haven of American goodness. I’ve never been there and everything I’m about to say is based on horrible assumptions, but I imagine every window still has one Aunt Judy’s freshly baked apple pies. Bird probably chirp and sing as you walk down the street. And you know all that garbage. But all that is right in the sleepy little town of Latrobe is in jeopardy.

One of the key exports of Latrobe is Rolling Rock Beer. Last May, Anheuser-Busch purchased the rights to Rolling Rock from the Belgium giant Interbrev. It has decided to move production of Rolling Rock from sleepy Latrobe to the land of Bon Jovi and the Soparnos.


People, this is an epic fucking travesty. Rolling Rock is Pennsylvania’s gift to North America. Sure, it’s not like this is the end of the brand. But any true beer drinker will tell you that water quality is a key element in the taste of beer. When you change the water the taste of the flavour of the beer ultimately changes. So ask yourself this; who would have better water quality sleepy little Latrobe, Penn with its nice bluebirds and wholesome girl nextdoor values or New Jersey? Umm. Hard decision …The Land of wholesome Pennsylvanianess or the land of mullets?

First – Please log in and sign this petition to save Rolling Rock Beer. Please do it for me. Or at least do it for the underage drinkers around the Latrobe area.

Second – If you think those Naslund and Jarome commercials were a little over the top, check out this. Psst, I don’t want to suggest anything too negative, but I really do think the German Team is over compensating for something.

Third – Oh for God’s Sake, pan fried Jesus. No seriously, it’s Jesus on your pancakes. For the love of god!

Fourth – Well this site has finally gone to poo. Welcome to Pootopia – a game of urban pet waste removal. If you want more details here is the actual project: Pootopia.

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It’s worse than just losing the water – the brewery itself imparts a certain taste to the beer (witness any product made in an old Sicks brewery will always taste more than a little like Pilsner). This process could though to be part of the soul of the building, or the amount of yeasts and other less palatable agents floating around in the building. On top of this, AB is buying the brand but not the building which will put a lot of people out of work unless InBev can sell the brewery to someone.

Losing the “Old Glass Lined Tanks” of the Latrobe brewery would be a shame. Having Rolling Rock ending up tasting even a little bit like Budweiser or O’Doul’s would be a travesty.

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