Random Thoughts For Not Blaming Them, Because I Would Have Probably Acted The Same Way Friday March 25, 2011

So, SXSW 2011 happened this week. As you know I missed out on all the fun this year, including the reunion of Death From Above 1979. Which in itself is pretty big news, but it appears that I’ve not the only ravenous Death From Above fan… Because apparently they started a mofo’in riot!

First – An interesting article from Rolling Stone, like anyone even reads Rolling Stone any more, on the end of civilization and harbinger of death that is Rebecca Black.

Second – Sled Island is back for 2011. HOO-RA!

So check out Canada’s most impressive music festival. That’s right I said, Canada’s most impressive music festival – suck it Toronto.

Third – So not to get all political on you all, because I would never, ever use this site to get all political. But the upcoming Alberta leadership races are getting really interesting. One of the young up and coming studs that is vying for the Alberta PC’s leadership is Doug Griffths.

A young technological savvy MLA from Battlefield/Wainwright (how badass is that) who is running for the leadership of the Progressive Conservatives. He’s also an avid Social Media enthusiasts. Here’s his take on social media and it’s impact on the political spectrum.

Fourth – You all must know, but I am currently on the hunt for good new music. Funnily enough I stumbled upon Pitchfork’s top 200 Albums of the 2000. And while it would probably make sense to head straight to the top 10 or 20 records, it turns out the best records are buried somewhere between 100-200.

You know the accessible and common records that everyone should know, but aren’t too pretentious for the self-appointed elite of the Pitchfork editorial staff.

Fifth – This appears to be a heavy music/political post, but I have to post this. We had the king of YouTube clips come and visit us for the past week. He introduced us to the greatness that is Jools Holland … Later a British show that has some epic musical guests… Including BATTLS playing ATLAS.

Which never, ever, ever, ever gets old.

Sixth – Reason 421, I don’t get Africa… Disturbing Hand painted movie posters.

Seventh – You know what never gets old, Cee-lo’s F$%k you with an all girl accompanying band.

Eighth – This comes from Poploser, but it’s a simple flowchart to help you decide which baseball team to cheer for.

Hmm, having a soul and not caring if my team wins a game… sounds like every Nationals fan I’ve ever met… Well at least the two of them.

NinthWARNING: INTERNET PREDICTION Give it a year, but ZeFrank’s Star.me will absolutely blow up huge on the internet. Trust me and book it.

TenthMy name is Chuck... EPIC.

Eleventh – This was tweeted about 4,ooo times this week, but Hideaki Akaiwa is Japan’s ultimate badass.

(BTW, after reading the LA Times account, make sure you check out Badass Of The Week’s far more hilarious account)

Twelth – an article from Al Jazeera on the upcoming class war in the USA.

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