Isn't Something Off? Sunday March 13, 2011

So, you maybe wondering… Isn’t something off? Doesn’t something usually happen with the old’ctoverdrive around this time of the year. And of course you’d be right.

If you’ve been a regular reader of the site, you’ll notice that I’m not making my yearly pilgrimage to the mecca of nerdom in Texas called SXSW.

Yes, after three straight years and four out of the past five years, I’ve taken 2011 off of SXSW. While it does suck that I won’t be able to help reunite TeamGongShow or spend way to much time in the Texas heat devouring the best Tacos man can find, it is nice to take sometime off or better yet reclaiming “my mayorship of the American Spirits Smoker’s lounge”;… alas I get to enjoy SXSW from the comfort of my living room, while we entertain one of dearest friends.

It turns out that 2010 was quite the year, filled with more up and downs in the past twelve months which made it a bit difficult to justify a fourth consecutive year. So if you’re wondering why I’m not tweeting every 3-4 minutes and/or blogging twice a day, well there’s your answer.

Maybe I’ll be able to catch up on some more personal things… Like blogging, emails and making human contact.

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TeamGongShow sorely missed you this year. It just wasn’t the same.

Next year!

Andy · Mar 24, 04:30 am · #permalink

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