So You Want To Start Your Own Business: The Catch 22 of Free Wednesday March 2, 2011

Ah yes, I’m finally back with my So You Want To Start Your Own Business series. This time I’m talking about The Catch 22 of Free.

And while I do get into a bit more detail about my philosophy on working for free when you’re starting out in the VBlog, there are numerous good and bad things about the concept.

Over my time, I’ve had the chance to work on some fun and exciting projects with people for free and I probably wouldn’t trade that experience for anything. But as I mention, I do believe that it is a better option to find a project, a cause or idea that you are personally passionate or invested in – rather than to offer _free work for another person’s idea_.

Generally, and this experience isn’t universal, but the promises you receive from others never tend to pan out. What I have found is that a project you are personally vested in will be more beneficial in the future and your career.

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