Random Thoughts For Atomic Tom's Subway Rendition Thursday March 10, 2011

I skipped over this video numerous times, because quite frankly I’ve seen these type of look what the iPhone can do type of videos about a thousand and one times.

BUT, please do check out this fantastic rendition by Atomic Tom of their song Take Me Out on the New York Subway with nothing but their iPhones.

In that cheese-ball way, I freaking love this song.

First – Ohh noes, have fashion designers and the superhero revival gone too far? I’m totally okay with half-naked models and the ridiculous over the top hats, but come on a red and blue Superman dress?

That being said, the Flash logo makes a stunning miniskirt.

Second – For all you photoshop/avatar creating nerds out there, here’s a great little video on how to create the old school 8-Bit Avatar that you always wanted

Third – More amazing old school Aliens inspired art from one of my favorite web sites on the net – Geek-Art.

Fourth – Lots of talk on the internet’s watercooler regarding the new Clients From Hell book. And while, I love the site and find it hysterical in so many ways. It did make me think back to an article I wrote on the growing resentment in the Freelance world regarding client relations End of shameless self-promotion.

Fifth – And while people seam to be enthralled with the Downfall of Ricky ‘Wild Thing’ Vaughn, the most facinating thing is that a Social Media company in Los Angeles got paid thousands of dollars to set-up ol’ Charlie’s Twitter, Twitpic accounts.

Clearly, I am doing something woefully wrong with my company.

Sixth – Ah yes, and the downfall of society due to Facebook continues – Facebook a factor in 20% of all divorces. And while I appreciate the concept of the article, some of the tips are priceless.

Agree with your spouse about how and when you will use Facebook: how many hours per day? When? It’s easier to keep each other honest if you know these things about their Facebook use.

Hmmm… Here’s a better tip… Don’t F*&%in’ cheat on your wife.

Seventh – So, picture this.

You’re a eight year old kid. You’re dad just surprised you with tickets to your first EVER major league baseball game. You’re excited, you couldn’t sleep the night before and you’ll finally get to see all your idols in person.

You enter the stadium and it’s a hot sunny day. The sun is out and it’s a perfect day. You line up and buy two hot dogs and a bag of peanuts. Your dad buys you the extra large pop (or sode as they like to say here) and it’s super special because you never get pop at home and this has to be like the bestest day in your entire life. You head down to your seats, sit down and watch the warm-up. The National Anthem starts and you take off your hat. You site down and the game starts. You hear laughter behind you and you turn around to see these guys two rows behind you…

BOOM and now you’re emotional destroyed for life… Well done guys, well done.

Eighth – I’ve been fascinated by the whole Coyotes/City of Glendale/Goldwater Institute gong show that has transpired over the past week. It’s a fascinating story that has captivated my attention. This article from The Globe and Mail is a must read for anyone paying attention or interested in the supposed Jets returning to Winnipeg. The political undertones of the piece are something that every Canadian should be worried about.

Ninth – And to continue on with my point regarding the Coyotes/Thrasher relocation issue… Why is it already determined that Winnipeg deserves the next franchise to relocate.

I understand the emotional ties and I for one would love to see the Jets alive again. (I’d also like to the Whalers again). But I think some people are jumping the gun a bit.

I still, can’t believe I’m saying this calling this, but I think Winnipeg will get the Thrashers and Kansas will get the Coyotes.

Tenth – By the way, are you finding it too difficult to keep up with everything going on in the Middle East? Is your twitter/facebook stream too clogged up. Well thanks to Al Jazeera, there is now a Dashboard for that.

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