Randon Thoughts For Some GMU School Pride Friday February 25, 2011

It’s not really a secret, but my wife attends George Mason University. It’s a pretty obscure school which is dwarfed by it’s more famous neighbors – Georgetown, George Washington, Howard and The University of Maryland. It’s primarily known for one of the most incredible runs in the NCAA Basketball tournament history.

But maybe, just maybe, in the future, the school might be known for something else… like the world’s most intense Pep Band. Check out the band dropping a RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE MIX of Killing of the Name Of and Bulls on Parade.

I hate band music, but this is pretty killer. (P.S. Even Bill Murray thinks this band is wicked)

(P.S. Major street cred to the flute player in red just absolutely giving it. You rock on Sister!)


Second – You can thank Mr. Bailing Bucket – Rhett Soveran for this amazing link. It’s called Attack of the Pink Armadillo... It’s Japanese… It also doesn’t make sense… But it’s WEEEIRD.

Third – Know what QR codes are? You might not, but I’m sure you’ve seen them and you’ve probably had to ask why they exist? Well, Cam Hoff from Flipp.ca has a fantastic post on QR Codes and how they can help your business… Like this one.

Armadillo QR Code

Fourth – One day maybe after leaving Washington, I’ll leaving DC I’ll stop posting interesting political commentary… probably not.

Anyways, here’s an interesting theoretical opinion piece to see if Iraq would have over thrown Saddam after the sweeping revolutionary changes going on in the Middle East. Got to say I’m not entirely sure I agree with his sentiments, but it’s an interesting thinking point nonetheless.

Fifth – New company iPad – check. A new iPad app that lets you make your own beats? Oh! Hell yes

Sixth – Yes, Virginia it is iPhone Eboyz-Wallpaper madness day

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Again, thanks for the link…you’re an unending tsunami of support.

Cam Hoff · Feb 25, 09:47 am · #permalink


Not a problem Cam.

It was a great and simple little article, which did a great job of breaking down a somewhat intimidating new trend for people. That and it got my mind spinning with different ideas.

It doesn’t help that I’ve spent the past 12 hours QR reading everything magazine and newspaper I can find.

cto · Feb 25, 09:58 am · #permalink


Definitely, enjoyed rage via band!

Also worth checking out is the UMass Drumline cover of Radiohead’s Paranoid Android.

Look under the 2003 soundclips.
It’s crazy go nuts! Except when the bass player screws up…

Doug · Feb 25, 01:24 pm · #permalink

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