Sold My Mom’s Wheelchair-The EP Wednesday June 7, 2006

My first post as a 26 year old geezer. Might as well talk about something interesting, so let’s try some music inspired links.

Recently I’ve been trying to hash out some new tunes to freshen up my recycled itunes playlist. (What’s that E? You don’t want to listen to Tribe Called Quest any more?) In my search for new music I’ve stumbled across a series of interesting websites, each with their own unique little niches. And damnit it’s about time I shared some of these sites with people. Maybe they could add their favorite sites as comments. Then we could have an orgy of music sites, like a bad Madonna video. Or maybe not. – This is a pretty popular application/site within the blogosphere. Essentially lastfm is a program you download and install on itunes, windows media player or winamp. It catalogues your musical patterns and then creates a small database. It uploads this info to the lastfm site and while you browse the site it’ll provide you links to similar music or tunes recommended by other users. It’s pretty decent and some what addictive…

But the really cool thing is that you can use some uber-geek API coding and have lastfm display your play list info on your site. (See Below) Jason Kottke pointed this out some time ago and I’ve tried my best to surprise everyone with a working ctoverdrive list. Unfortunately I am about as skilled with API coding as I am with knife fighting. Oh well, I tried.

3hive – This is a site I’ve been frequently and its mainly underground artists. It’s essentially a giant web log of artists with free MP3s streaming on their site. They cover a wide variety of artists and the entire music spectrum. I’ve seen links to Chad VanGailen (a local Calgarian) to DangerDoom (An insane rap collaboration) and Jose Gonzalez (Swedish Slowcore/Singer) for a random listen it’s a great resource. Plus they actually use the term Slowcore to describe sleepy songwriters. Amazing!

cbcradio3 – Say what you want about the CBC as a waste of government resources, but if it means the end of this pod cast forget it. This is the only podcast I truly subscribe to. It constantly produces a solid hour of can-con delightment. Alot of the focus is reserved for low key Canadian acts, but it still manges to highlight many of our nation’s finest acts like Ka’an, K-OS, Broken Social Scene, Metric, the Constantines etc.,

So there you go. Hopefully you’ve got some new toys to play around with.

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