Randon Thoughts For What Could Be The Oddest Weezer Song In Existance Saturday February 12, 2011

Ummm… So this is one of those what the #$%$ moments that we all have come to love from the internet.

Got to say, if you ignore the State Farm jingle portion, it’s actually a decent, decent Weezer song… and that’s coming from one of the most anti-weezer fans

Anyways, it appears this cover of the State Farm jingle is in conjunction with some sort of help our kids not become meth-heads program featuring Weezer & Statefarm.

First – It looks like I snagged the last of the United Pixel Workers of DC T-Shirt

Uber-nerd excitement FTW.

Second – Edmonton’s poet laureate and one of the world’s most underrated rappers, Cadence Weapon, explains why FX’s Boxing drama Lights Out is actually worth watching.

Third – Well this is a rarity, an article in support of Public funding for sports stadium… because well, we fund the arts and theatre. Interesting article, but please forward all your angry hate mail to the Globe and Mail editors.

Fourth – Total Eclipse of the Heart done as a lyrical flow chart… (albeit it is the Glee version rather than the epic Dan Band Version).

Fifth – So… Apparently something happened in Egypt.

Ha, just kidding, we’ve been glued to Al Jazeera TV for the past couple of weeks watching history unfold before our eyes. It doesn’t hope that we’re both social media enthusiasts, emerged in the political hotbed of Washington and also (well, I’m more of a proxy) surrounded by Conflict Analysis.

Anyways, as usual, Boston.com has all the photos that capture this epic moment in modern history.

Sixth – … and inappropriately I will follow-up a link to the moving images of Egypt, with a link to Zombie Jerkey.

Because, I’m an incentive jerk like that.

Seventh – The American DOD, wants all of it’s young men and women to stop… chewing tobacco. Seriously. No seriously.

Eighth – This article, may go right over your head if you’re not familiar with the Square payment service , but if you’re an independent artist or you moonlight selling crafts at one of the many local etsy-style events, you need to get on the square train

Ninth – Last but not least, Ken King… Pay attention to this, the future is definitely now.

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