Random Thoughts For Fires on The Chalkboard Tuesday February 8, 2011

You can once again thank Mr. Rennie for bringing Mr. Beck’s bat sh!t insanity to my attention.

If you haven’t seen Glenn Beck’s original crazy 12 minute rant about what Egypt means to the Middle East, don’t worry. You’re really not missing that much, it’s populist crap at it’s worst, designed to improve Fox’s ratings by striking fear into the hearts of casual bible belt Americans. Instead, watch this haunting GodSpeed You Black Emperor rendition.

I’m not sure whether to cry or to laugh… When exactly are the secret radical Islamic sects of Ireland going to rise up and burn the Emerald Isle to the ground? Because shit, I need to warn my cousins.

First – And I know I started this week’s random thoughts with a pretty dark and dreary link, but fear not people of earth. We all have Ollie Jokinen to protect us… with his lightening sword and dragons.

W.T.F? Even worse it looks like it’s been pulled.

Second – This year’s best picture nominations, represented as Lego Action Figures

(via. Profound Whatever)

Third – The creators of the popular Doodle-Jump iPhone app have brokered a deal with Universal Pictures to promote the new Hop movie. For those of you snickering at the idea, Angry Birds has already brokered a couple of deals.

Fourth – Nothing says you love your Geek-Husband like an all your hearts belong to us Valentine’s Day card.

Fourth – Sorry if this feels repetiative, but one can never get enough Steampunk Star Wards redesigns.

FifthCharcut, which is easily one of my favorite restaurants in Calgary has launched a very cool social media/food promotional series. The concept is called Alley Burgers

The concept is simple, sometime over the weekend, either Friday or Saturday night, CHARCUT will post the times and flavors of their Alley Burgers on Twitter/Facebook pages. The burgers are limited, but those following the services will get a first dibs on the delicious info and one of their great burgers.

In my opinion, and I’ve seen a lot of horrible Social Media campaigns, this could be one of the most unique and interesting campaigns I’ve seen.

Sixth – It’s taken me a while to notice this… actually, pretty much until I read this article in The Washington Post, but Google’s Search Engine capabilities are really starting to falter and it’s really starting to damage the company’s core service.

Seventh – Of course this is a great little article on Nenshi’s new vision for Calgary … But even more entertaining is the continued Awww, look how cute Calgary is mentality that continues to come out of Toronto.

Eighth – You may have seen this, but the Kamloops Blazer have started a mini-retro tradition of celebrating wins and goals like it’s EA Sports NHL’94

And while I commend them for celebrating, something that is a cherished element of my childhood… all of these kids were a year old when that game came out.

Ninth – FastCompany, which might be my new favorite business/tech magazine, has released their Top 100 Creative People in Business.

Ignoring, their choice of Lady Gaga (who actually probably deserves it), the list is pretty intriguing. Some highlights include Igor Pušenjak (Doodle Jump creator), Spike Jonze, Ben Huh (Of ICANHAZACHEESEBURGER fame) and also the douchebag from Groupon.

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