Random Thoughts For The Uselessness of Horoscopes Thursday January 20, 2011

I’m sorry, but can anyone explain to me what’s going to happen to all those stupid colour-coded horoscope rolls they sell at 7-11? Can I sue all those 1-800-Horoscope companies that used to send me my daily Horoscope in 90s? These are important issues people.

Or maybe not.

First – If you’re a fan of the site, you’ll know that a rarely openly discuss the flames or the fortunes of the beloved team. I actually promised to never write a post about the flames all the way back in April 2006, when I did my first and only Playoff prediction on the site. (Ironically, I trace that series to the current demise of the Flames’ core)

So, that being said it’s been a hard, hard season. Especially for me who is still a completely biased Sutter supporter. (I actually don’t believe in Jay Feaster for one bit, watch him make the stupid decision to skip over Ryan Nugget-Hopkins and pick a total wash-up)…

ANYWAYS, here’s parts 1 & 2 of an interesting 6 part retrospective on Darryl Sutter’s tenure as the Flames GM

Second – Zynga, the multi billion dollar company behind Farmville and all of those Facebook games, has created another hit called -Cityville. And it’s drawing massive attention from Silicon Valley insiders for it’s addictive SimCity combination.

(P.S. if there was ever a tech company who would make a killing on the Stock Market, Zynga would be it)

Third – You can thank Mr. Brett Hugh for this one. Marshal Lynch’s Beast mode run ala Tecmo Super Bowl.

Fourth – The guys at FuddyTV have made it to the final round of the Calgary Flames Brand Your Passion contest and they need your help to push them over the top.

So if you’ve got a moment, please make sure you send them out a vote.

Fifth – Subway, which happens to be the most unlikely of fast food restaurants, is trying out a line of Gluten-Free sandwhich breads.

(For the record, I love how they’re trying this out in Texas … of all places)

Sixth – Love Angry Birds… But hate the fact your battery runs out everytime you plat… Well now you can play Angry Birds in real life, with Mattel’s new board game

Seventh – You know what the world needs more of? More Poploser Mixtapes.

If you are a music fan of any sort, you need to do yourself a services and go through Poploser’s incredibly extensive Mixtapes of 2010.

Armed with eight fake mix tape titles and some firm guidelines, I set about creating the mixes. This involved listening to every song I purchased (or, you know, didn’t purchase) that was released over the past year. All 736 of them. That’s 1.9 days of listening, which I did at work, walking, driving and pretty much everywhere else. It also meant giving every song a rating between one and five stars in iTunes. I threw out everything below four stars and was left with 229 songs, or just over 15 hours worth of music — nearly double the eight hours I needed for the tapes

Easily one of the best music-related posts I’ve seen in a long time.

Eigtht – Smalltown Romeo featuring Shad’s new little jingle Boom Ha... It’s for all you rump shakers.

Ninth – The Calgary Flames guardian has been revealed.

I know it’s easy to be a thirty-year old male and pick fun at this whole exercise, but the kid in me loves the whole endeavor. It’s cool childish fun and the one thing, I just don’t get is all the people who enjoy belittling the whole project.

Are some of them lame… Oh, of course. but really if someone explained the Fantastic Four or even the Hulk to you at the age of thirty… You’d think it’s pretty lame.

Anyways, I love the project and I’m actually kinda excited to see what the metrics on it are. Supposedly, they’ve received over a million votes since the project began. Which is a pretty incredible number and a great way to inject some buzz. (Also, I’ve heard that kids in America are apparently all over it. Very cool)

Tenth – Here’s a great article from Suitcase Interactive on the state of Mobile, Geo-Locational and Social marketing

It’s written by Adam Goetz, who in my opinion is one of the most interesting thinkers coming out Calgary and it’s a great read.

Eleventh – 37signals has a great counter critisim to some of the general critics faced with the design and development industry. In particular they take aim at a new iPhone blog called Read The F$%kin’ HIG.

It’s a great little piece, but this line stands out the best…

“Where the heck were you when the page was blank?”

Love it.

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