Guaranteed Fresh Monday June 5, 2006

After 26 years I’m still guaranteed fresh – grand royal style. [Evidence below] Today’s my birthday so I’m doing what I always do and takin the day off work to enjoy the Miller High life. Have a good one all.

Guaranteed Fresh

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hey connor,happy birthday!im taking the day off too,so its almost like we can have a drink together.say somewhere between 5 and 8pm?

dean · Jun 5, 10:08 am · #permalink


We’ll i can’t say no to a proposition like that. Have one for me at 5:05.

cturner · Jun 5, 03:18 pm · #permalink


Happy birthday, you miserable bastard. Try not to end up on your dad’s shoulders today, ok?

Jamie · Jun 5, 11:58 pm · #permalink

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