Random Thoughts For Christmas Presents Sunday January 9, 2011

Alright, I don’t really like to brag about Christmas gifts, but this year was a pretty sweet goldmine of treasures for the old c.t.overdrive. And as it turns out, I thought I’d talk about two totally unexpected gifts that might be of interest to you – my favorite readers.

1) The first is Jay-Z’s new book – Decoded

I’m not a fan of musician autobiographies (except of course for Johnny Cash’s Autobiography – Cash, by Johnny Cash) but Decoded really is an amazingly insightful book.

Regardless of your personal take on Jay-Z’s music or even his personality, you have to admit that this guy is the quintessential hustler and an incredible businessman.

With Decoded you get a page-by-page lyrical breakdown of the man’s greatest songs and an exclusive window into his thought process. Yes, some of the anecdotes are a bit ridiculous and praising a guy for selling crack on the street corner is quite odd, but seeing how Jay-Z’s mind works, his thought process for crafting his lyrics and how the rap game has influenced his life is easily worth the price of the book. Add in an amazing design aesthetic and I’ve got to say that Decoded is going to be a staple on my coffee table for quite sometime.

2) The Second item was Fat Princess For the PSP … And really nothing can describe the shear genius that is Fat Princess more than a YouTube clip.

FirstAll of the classic video game characters of the past 15 years as Mega Man Sprites

Second – Here’s something for all daft punk/disney fans out there – it’s a TRON/TRON LEGACY old school silk screen print.

I could go on about why I love this (cough, olivia wilde, cough), but really the Tumblr blog where this comes from does a far better job.

F@ckin Mondo is gonna make this geek go broke!! Daddy tryin to save for a new mac dammit!!! Posters by Eric Tan. 16”x24” screen print w/ glow in the dark ink (that means you turn the lights off sh!t still be glowin all tronesque n junk)

Third – And to further back up a series of theories which first came to my attention through a couple of Sklar Brothers podcast, Randy Quaid and his wife are N.U.T.S.

Fourth – So apparently, it’s only Red State or Fly-over State America which Runs on Dunkin Donuts.

Fifth – I can’t say this enough, but I would give my first born child (or at least 35 dollars) for one of the JESS3’s Arlington Skull T-Shirts.

JESS3: A Year In T-Shirts from JESS3 on Vimeo.

Sixth Roger Ebert’s Top Films of 2010 (via. PopLoser)

Of the dozens of films listed, I’ve only seen Inception, The Ghost Writer and … and … and that’s about it. But I do plan on seeing about 89% of these.

Seventh – From Julien Smith, another moment of Zen – How to recognize an idiot

Eighth – Ladies and gentleman from the home of the Seahawks, it’s a first look at the the Rain City Super Hero League... No, I’m not joking, this is for real.

Ninth – I know, I typically write my random thoughts on a Friday, but this week I was finishing this up on Saturday evening… And because of the Seahawk’s unimaginable win over the ruining of the Saints bye week I have to post this incredible run by Marshawn Lynch.

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