The First Year Saturday December 18, 2010

So… what a difference a year makes.

365 days ago today, I was able to partake in one of the most amazing days of my life.

Beneath the glow of the winter city lights and a soft December snowfall, Caitlin and myself exchanged our wedding vows. At the time, we had spent the past year of our life planning and agonizing about this day, but in the back of our minds stirred a tidbit of news we had received days before the festivities were to start.

See a mere three days before our wedding, my wife had been informed that she had been accepted to George Mason University’s International Conflict Analysis and Resolution program.

As a precursor to the year ahead, we also learned that classes at GMU started on Jan 12th. To say this was a daunting turnaround would be an understatement. To go from the chaotic final days of a wedding to the Christmas season to figuring out how to uproot our lives and move across the continent – to say it was freighting would be an understatement.

So fast forward a year later and we’re back in Calgary for a bit of a Christmas vacation. A crazy two and a half month transition period, a 5 day road trip across America in a U-Haul, adjusting to life in The District, a family emergency and a dramatic change in our life path(s) later and we’re back to Dec 19th.

It’s been one hell of a year and … I wouldn’t have done a single thing differently.

We’ve both grown as individuals and as a couple … and really if we can make it through this year, the sky is the limits. This has easily been one of the most amazing years of my life and I look forward the next twenty-fifty odd years together.

So to the love of my life, happy first anniversary munchkin.

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You’re right, that’s been quite a year! Good on ya for how you’ve both handled it, and to many more!

If adventure = risk x opportunity, sounds like you’re on a hell of an adventure. Enjoy.


ThompsonPaul · Dec 30, 10:47 pm · #permalink

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