Random Thoughts For My New Favorite Band... yet again. Friday December 10, 2010

I know, I know. It seems like I have a new favorite band each and every week. But hear me out, you should add Sleigh Bells to your play list.

Just do it! You’ll be happy you did.

First – I probably shouldn’t start this set of Random Thoughts with this link, but it really is something that needs to be seen… albeit, you might want to have a puke bucket near by.

Anyways, one of the most well known issues with Everest is the graveyard that exists. Unfortunately, as the article notes for every 10 people who make it to the top 1 dies. But because of the harsh conditions, no one can remove the corpses creating a horrific graveyard of frozen dead bodies (NSFW or if you want to sleep for the next 6 weeks)

Second – I’m sure some of you Inception fanbois will get behind this one. It’s Inception the Augmented Reality App... Because life isn’t already twisted enough…

Hans Zimmer talks about Inception The App from RjDj on Vimeo.

Third – Let’s remember the rules of the internet kids…

1) Don’t use any Internet Explorer browsers.
2) Don’t publish all of you’re life’s data on Facebook.
3) Don’t read the comments on the CBC, CNN or your favorite sporting team forum (especially when that team is playing horrible).
4) Don’t f$%^ with 4Chan

A group associated with 4Chan took down Mastercard.com last week, because they disagreed with Mastercard’s policy to deny donations to wikileaks.org.

Update – It would appear that OperationPayback is far bigger than I could have imagined. I could update the previous link, but there’s no point as it’ll be outdated in a couple of minutes.

So if you’re interested in where all of this is going, just go out and purchase Daemon.

Fourth – I seriously love the insanity that is the city of DC. In particular, the legend of Mayor Barry.

Remember him?

The ex-mayor of Washington that was caught sniffing coke with a hooker in a hotel room… Well, it looks like he found himself a reality TV show.

Fuck Yeah DC, fuck yeah!

Fifth – As much as I make fun of Mikey Bubbles, from all accounts he is a great, great guy. (Albiet a Canucks fan) And nothing beats what he did when a crazy mother interrupted his set to make her son sing on stage with Bubbles.

Sixth – High Performance Rodeo is set to kick off again in Calgary at the beginning of January. And like last year, they are throwing their Snowblower Party again

I went to this last year and saw Deadmau5 play (or I think it was him, I don’t know my shitty trance dance from an arse in the ground). BUT that being said, if you have time on January 15th, make sure you make it out.

It was a fantastic party last year and it looks to be that much better this year!

Seventh – One of the best things about DC is the burger joints… Well let me rephrase that the BEST thing about DC is the crazy people that live here. The second best thing about the city is the fast food.

One of the gems on any foodies tour of DC is The Good Stuff Eatery. Which is run by Spike from Top Chef.

He has a new book out called The Good Stuff Cookbook and it’s phenomenal. It’s a must for any foodie’s Christmas list.

Eighth – New great tumblr site… Fake Criterion Collection Covers

If you don’t know what the Criterion Collection is then this won’t make any sense. But this is my favorite one of them all.

(via. poploser)

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