Don't Break the TD Gardens Monday November 29, 2010

Yes kids, rumors of demise have been greatly exaggerated.

I’d love to get into the details of the past 30-odd days, but I really need to conserve my energy for figuring out what city I am in. So in the meantime, you’ll have to enjoy this great example of everyone’s second favorite tech term – crowdsourcing… albeit this is a wee-bit different than you’re normal example of crowdsourcing.

The story goes that these girls uploaded this video to YouTube shortly after committing the crime. So what do the Boston Bruins do when some drunk southie girls trashes the beloved bathrooms of the new TD Gardens? They make them pay for the damages and turn the event into a hilarious commercial featuring The Creepy Bear.

And for the record, the creepy Bear is clearly the most entertaining spokesman in sports. Well, except Delonte West... Except he’s not really a spokesman… He’s just nuts.

Bruins Hockey Rules

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