Random Thoughts For Being BAAAAAAACK Friday December 3, 2010

Hey kids…

Did you miss my random thoughts?

I know I did. Well, things have finally settled down now. It’s been a gong show 40 odd days and as always I’ll get into the details… later… but in the meantime please enjoy this extra fun-filled Random Thoughts.

First – Thank god FOX didn’t get this idea first and the BBC took back what was rightfully their own. Check out the updated Sherlock Holmes Television Series

Second – Alright, I’m an Albertan. My family has lived off of Oil & Gas money for 30 years. I’ve traveled the world as a kid because of it and I got my start in web design because of the Oil and Gas Industry. So clearly I’ve got some tie to all this talk of the Oil Sands.

And yes, I do think more needs to be done to clean up the oil sands process. But again, that takes capital and a market push to reduce operating costs to make the process cleaner – which I believe is starting to happen. It’s a difficult situation and one that needs attention.

BUT! BUT this campaign by companies to stop using dirty Alberta oil for product transportation make me facepalm. Yes, LUSH Cosmetics and Avon, I’m looking at you guys. I get it, make a public stance and stamp your feet. Get some publicity behind you and enjoy a bit of a profit increase… While you’re at it, it’d be nice to see you lobby the American government to encourage a nationwide bottle recycling program or better yet maybe equal rights for all genders in AFFFFRICA (insert jazz hands).

…grumble, grumble….

Third – Speaking of conflict minerals, Edmonton’s Poet Lauriete and one of the best rappers out there Cadence Weapon has a great take on Kanye’s new(ish) video opius – Runaway

Fourth – Because of my man love for Damon Albarn, it goes without question that I am over the moon stoked for The Gorrilaz Advent Calendar.

Fifth – Ready to waste the rest of the afternoon? No? Well, here you go anyways.

The Top 25 Most Epic Ads that aren’t Ridley Scott’s 1984/Macintosh commercial.

I’m not really a fan (or even familiar) with the whole HALO franchise storyline, but their series of adverts for HALO 3 always sends chills down my spin.

Sixth – Oh let me count the ways I love D.C. and it’s quirky, quirky people.

Seventh – Yes TIME magazine, it’s that dastardly Social Media stuff that caused fans of the Giants to riot after ending a 58 year old drought.

Clearly it’s Gowalla and Foursquare’s fault. They shouldn’t have created those Burn a Car badges (only available with a check-in in Montreal, Detroit or San Fran) and the much coveted Throw Firecrackers at Mullet Wearing Girls in Shopping Carts (only available with a check-in in Edmonton)… for shame social media… for shame.

Eighth – This is old news, but a Israeli comedy show has developed a hysterical Angry Birds parody

So much of that previous statement frightens me.

NinthNASA has discovered a new form of life based on ARSENIC. Besides the fact that this has turned the biological world upside… Which apparently hasn’t happened since the last he-she-she-he episode of the Jersey Shore.

Tenth – For all you local political nuts, look what DJ Kelly did with some of the imperical data revolving the 2010 Calgary Mayoral Election... Very cool stuff.

If only there was someone out there working to improve Open Data… If only there was.

Eleventh – After 6 highly revered episodes and a massive boost to AMC’s audience… They have axed the writers of The Walking Dead. Given that the episodes I did see were pretty awesome, it also doesn’t come as a shock. The writing was pretty sad at best.

(P.S. The comic books are epic… sorry, graphic novels)

Twelfth – This could be the most ridiculous quote I’ve come across in an article in weeks – Then I was fat and unemployed..

Thirteenth – A moment of zen from Julien Smith – Stop Being Such a F#$%ing Pussy.

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